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ok, but how to stop it? it seems impervious to reason.

Jim G

I have been deeply worried about the end of the fillibuster. It seems to me that if the fillibuster is gone, then true 1 party rule emerges that spans the legislative, the executive and (soon) the judicial. Within that new framework, the "living document" of the Constitution can simply be interpreted to mean whatever the party says it means. I almost can't bring myself to wonder if we are in the end game of the experiment that the founding fathers began. But it does feel like the NeoTheocrats are closing in for the kill.

I agree with praktike. HOW to stop it? You have made the point before, Kingdaddy, that our Constitution and our form of Government have weathered many a storm. But how? Are there any historical episodes that have resembled the one we find ourselves in now and if so, how did they resolve?

I fear that THE PEOPLE will not grasp what is happening soon enough, especially with the Democrats increasingly on the fringes of power and the media in sleepwalking mode.


It feels like the end of the Roman Empire. Not the usual way of dating it, when Alaric sacked the Eternal City. I'm thinking of the destruction of as many signs of classical civilization as possible. Marcus Aurelius' equestrian statue survived only because people thought it was Constantine.

I think praktike is right, it's impervious to reason...To a point. Here's what I think needs to be done:

The main target isn't the Falwells of the world. It's the people on the sidelines.

Therefore, a national discussion about science, the Constitution, you name it, needs to start, with the aim of reminding the bystanders about the true history of this country.

Blogging and other impersonal forms of political discussion are fine, but there needs to be more face-to-face discourse. We're now a nation of Balkanized discussions. Mass communications has created as much isolation and segmentation as mass distribution of messages.

Tell the Democratic Party, the Green Party, or whoever calls you for money, that you won't contribute until they have a plan for direct political action (i.e., face-to-face discussion). People need to be involved in something exciting, not just sending money for God knows what the Democrats are doing.

Seize the initiative. Stop playing defense.

Force the other side to state its measurable standards of failure, then hold them accountable for the results.

Find middle ground. Even if the most zealous "Christists" refuse to go there, the bystanders might.

Argue the Bible right back at them. We live in an age of amazing Biblical archaeology and scholarship, much of it available in the mass market. Books like Rabbi Jesus, Jesus: A Revolutionary Biography, The History of God, and Stealing Jesus should be on everyone's must-read pile.

I could think of other ways to start, but that's quite a handful already.


faction.. i love that word..

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