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My first visit to your blog. It appears that on many points we are in disagreement, but that's not the reason for this post. As I scrolled down reading your posts, a question kept popping into my mind, that being... Do you normally post from a negative perspective? It appeared that regardless of the subject matter, your point of view was always couched in negative terms. I was just curious. Thanks.


uhhh, nevermind. After I posted that last I kept reading, and found PSYOPS and counterterrorism, and the one below it. From a positive perspective. Answered my question. Sorry I jumped the gun there.


No problem. I have my dyspeptic moods, I'll admit. The more I post on the "Core Topic," the healthier my state of mind. Which reminds me...


Very sharp comparison; maybe it's time for an American Blimp but on late night TV please. Hilarious incompetents in the diplomatic service get folk killed.

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