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Yes, I was highly offended and surprised by the IDF viewpoint. I hope the publicity makes them reconsider. I once went to a few "Society for Creative Anachronism" meetings during college and dressed up and swung a sword around, but that was the extent of the "irrational" behavior. It's a great game, still have the original manuals from the late 1970s in my attic.

Jim G

D and D has morphed in the last 20 years into a host of computer "RPG's (Role Playing Games)". It's amazing that games of this nature would be a problem. After all, there are a number of "Military Shooter" games that are, in effect, RPG's as well...They just demand players to assume a different role to play. "America's Army" is such a computer game....produced under the auspices of the US Armed Forces. You get to play a grunt who, with other grunts, take down "bad guys" en masse (It's viewed as a pretty good game by enthusiasts...and is FREE, courtesy of Uncle Sam). In fact, I watched a piece on television recently about US Soldiers training in simulators which are no more than fancy computer games....Soldiers role playing soldiers, as it were. Methinks that the IDF is not being a very good Dungeon Master.

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