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Steven D

Good to see you back posting again. Insightful as always. Last paragraph, furst sentence, "However" should be "Whoever" I think.


Whoops, thanks.


Hezbollah's not being quiet any more. See yahoo article at That didn't take too long... I guess democracy will take a little longer than the Bush administration thought.

Paul Yakov

"Similarly, you often hear people mistakenly talk about the Taliban defeating the Soviets and taking power, when in fact it was the Tajik- and Uzbek-dominated mujahideen coalition that routed the Soviets and defeated the Najibullah regime." -3/4/05

"Routed" the Soviets?

Do you really believe that the mujahideen "routed" the Soviets?

Or is it more like Gorbachev simply pulled his army out of Afghanistan as a result of his policies of domestic retrenchment and worldwide political realignment with the rest of the world, namely the United States.

And Najibullahs' government fell apart in 1992 only because Moscow cut off its aid and General Dostum, leader of the Uzbeki militia, decided suddenly to switch his allegiance to the rebels.

Let's not get too hyperbolic in talking history.

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