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Steven D

I'm sure they'll get to the bottom of this on our new cable channel "Pentagon TV", right?


[Sound of teeth grinding...]

Jim G

Let's hope that all the real facts of this story
"get outed". Who did "Gannon" work with and for? What role does the admin play, if any? (How does a fake journalist get into the White House Press Conferences...regularly... without someone vetting him/her?) Does this have any connection to the stories about pundits being paid off by the admin to tout admin policies? Let us hope all dots are connected. America needs to understand. Democracy cannot thrive with this sort of thing to pollute it.


"Gannon/Guckert is alleged to have had a copy of an internal CIA memo naming Plame as a CIA operative"

The important word here is alleged. Also, other people had the report earlier, if I remember correctly, and Gannon's name did not show up until he was supoenaed

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