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FEMA's worried also - they don't like cops in charge of emergency preparedness and response issues. There's a friction between cops and firefighters that I was not aware of until a few years ago, doing some federal training for WMD preparedness. Not sure if it is a case of cops not being "deep thinkers" or just a natural cultural divide (BTW, see Dennis Leary in "Rescue Me" for more examples of this friction).

Great article. No question that there are more qualified people out there, but it appears Bush wants mirrors of his opinion, not independent thinkers. We'll see if anyone in Congress wants to buck this guy, but my guess is that the recently-cowed Dems will shy away from questioning a 9/11 cop going for the DHS leadership postion. Shame.


Thanks for the background on the cops/firefighters frictions. I've heard a little about this topic from a family member in law enforcement, who for a while specialized in arson investigations.

As for the future of Homeland Security, the phrase "Potemkin village" comes to mind. If two departmental heads can't win the fight against both (1) centrifugal force among the different agencies that were shoved into Homeland Security, and (2) the daily struggle over policy and execution among federal agencies, Homeland Security and others (DoD, Justice, etc.), then I'm not sure what kind of significance the Department of Homeland Security will have.


That Kerick quit the Iraq 'Police Training' program mid-contract in Iraq before the first group graduated, and these apparently included a good number of Saddams old Secret Police, seems to indicate he knew he was being used. Research into Camp Peace in an old Russian base near Kapsovar Hungry where the US-Gov was also training 'Free Iraqi' since 1999, added to and aroused suspicions about the entire Iraq-police program.

To tell the truth, complaints about NY city turning into a police state bothered me, that it later resulted in successful court trial and hefty recompense to ordinary citizens appears to give vilidity to these charges. A sympathiser to either Giullini or Kerick at this point, I am not.


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