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Langley has a history of being made scapegoat for the President as this review points out.

Things do seem to have gone badly wrong with the US IC. Reading Scheuer’s blistering (and very telling) attack on the FBI counter-terror unit did make me think that Inter-departmental/institutional rivalry is completely out of control. There is an even bigger problem with collaboration with foreign agencies. Fundamental changes are required to get the worldwide IC serving mutual interests.

I’m a little shocked to see you need to be a US citizen to work at Langley.
Goss needs to fix that and fast. Langley needs not just Arabists but Arabs.


Re: purge in the military - absolutely true, at least in the Army. Rumsfeld started hand-picking the one- and two-star generals when he arrived, a practice virtually unknown for any SecDef to perform. Usually the three- and four-stars pick the lower ranks and the SecDef approves them all, and SecDef of course has a heavy hand in promoting the three- and four-stars.

Shoomaker and the new Army Secretary (Harvey) are blatent suck-ups, every speech or official document you pick up has the SecDef's transformation lines in them. Not that transformation is bad, but it's not like the Army has any originality any more, they are reduced to following whatever OSD wants. It's sad.


full information re those conducting extraordinary rendition. not limited to technology/ MI6.

those in UK MI6 conducting civil/ constitutional/ human rights viol; war cri9mes 1997 to present

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