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Most Muslims would regard the heart of Islam as Mecca, for many Najaf is almost as dear, Jerusalam is probaly next.

But when Al-Zawahiri talks about the heart of the Islamic world he almost certainly means his home country Egypt. S.Cole in Ghost Wars quotes him on this. Afghanistan, Chechnya, Kosovo etc, are peripheral battlegrounds for Arabs, useful incubators of the Jihad not theatres of choice.

Most of these guys have, au fond, a fairly simple dream: running a totalitarian theocratic state back home. Patriotic chauvanism plays as big a role here as it did with Communism.


Nice analysis. Time will tell if going into Iraq was a good idea or not, but I would want to wait til sometime in mid 2005 before coming to any conclusion. And that would still not answer the question "was it a good decision?", which will take even longer.

ali, thanks for the comments about patriotic chauvanism, I have wondered about that, since so many leaders of the jihadis seem to be focused in countries OTHER than their countries of orgin. I have a question: does Najaf rate so highly for Sunnis also, or just Shi'ites?


Najaf is the centre of the Shia faith but is also sacred to all other Muslims.

I'd be fairly skeptical about Isalamist internationalism, it is even less plausible than the communist variety. Almost always when you look closely at these groups there are coherrent nationalist objectives underlying the rhetoric. Coherrent and extremely unpleasant.


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