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Bill White

Paul Krugman had a column some time back - last June I believe - about one William Krar. Here:">

is a UPI article concerning him. He was discovered with: "An alert citizen contacted the FBI, which led to the arrest of Krar and the discovery of a mind-numbing weapons cache: fully automatic machine guns, remote-controlled explosive devices disguised as briefcases, 60 pipe bombs, nearly 500,000 rounds of ammunition and enough pure sodium cyanide 'to kill everyone inside a 30,000 square foot building,' according to federal authorities."

John Ashcroft's DOJ, at least in June, had not mentioned him in 2,295 press releases concerning terrorism.

Another example is the bombing of the Murrow Center in Oklahoma. Between the act and the announcement of the arrest of suspects, noone in the media targeted Americans. They blamed middle eastern terrorists, but nobody speculated about home grown hate groups.

The point is, you are right, and we don't tend to think about our home-grown terrorists.


Krar should be as much as a household word as Richard Reid. Thanks for the added information.

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