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Heidi Kesbeh

i am a member of the kesbeh family, and in my opinion the united states has definently been injust to our family,including other muslims in general residing in the US. We were not only deported but also treated with disrespect and any comment made was a threat hit back at us. We were victims of 9/11 and all we ever did was over stay our visa yet i never knew our status since i arrived in the US a baby. So i feel american, arab-american, i can't stand those extreme islamists and yet they send us back to an environment like that? to a place that they consider our home? well they have no right deciding anything or where we belong, this is Gods earth and only God can judge me. I hope justice is served one day and all those voices out there can be heard because what happened to us was very unjust. Even our fellow Houstonians believe so as well as our great friend Congress woman Sheila Jackson Lee, and one day this discrimintation will be put to an end.


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