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I am in complete agreement with you up to the "Practice" section.
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this is such a clear trend that I would like to know why. I suspect that our politics are just radically different. My experiences during the Viet Nam period were all in Europe, and I often think that if JFK had not died he would have taken advantage of the Prague Spring that LBJ ignored. Unfortunately, the cheap hack from Texas cared more about his reputation than about his country. You are, I know, younger and so cannot have felt the anger and outrage at the radical left that I did.
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On suggested reading on the Theory section would be "The Whisper of the Axe", one of Richard Conden's best novels.

As to the practice section, I think you miss two things:

1. Sadr may have only been making hudna, not looking for a way into politics.

2. The American's might have wanted to let him get isolated by the Iraqis the way he is now.

It actually looks, based on what I am reading about the Shiite reactions in Najaf, that Sistani and his successors are more antiIran and anti-Sadr than many Sunnis are even. I fully expect to see Sadr's corpse in the news in the near future. The Iranians are making noise about the Imam Ali mosque, the Iraqi leaders of Najaf are NOT. Anyway, they can be gassed out. And if Sadr blows the mosque, as he might, Iran will probably get the blame in Iraq, and what the rest of the Muslim world says will be unimportant, as those are the two main Shiite countries.
Time will tell...


I'm in complete agreement on your point #2. See today's post on war aims for revolutionaries. Opportunities always exist to exploit the differences in goals among insurgent groups, and Iraq is no exception. And most people have to understand how ethnic differences, such as Arab/Persian cleavages, can often trump sectarian or ideological commonalities.

As for not responding more to Prague Spring, or helping the Hungarians in the 1956 uprising...Yeah, I can understand the arguments for what the US did (nothing), but it pisses me off, too. Seeing people on the left in American politics excusing the Soviet intervention in Czechoslovakia is doubly infuriating.


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