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Steven D

Excellent points. Kerry should use this in his ads or in the debates.


Good post and spot on. I don't know that Kerry will want to use it, however, given his equally strained arguments about the links between the SwiftVets and Bush.

This whole post touches on something that bugs me about this campaign. There are a lot of things Bush is doing wrong in the "War on Terror" (I like WW4 better, but that is not important.) The problem is that most of the Dem candidates in the primary seemed to think there was a war (like WW3 - a war of guns AND ideas) going on, except Lieberman, and some days, Kerry. Kerry has always seemed so self serving, that I can't see him as a leader, because he has NO consistent beliefs other than his own advancement. Bush on the other had is consistent in the same was Grant was "I shall continue in this line if it takes all summer." I wish we had someone who was flexible without being a windsock.

Also, I think your tie in with your previous post is a little tenuous: what reaction on the part of POTUS to 9/11 would NOT have increased Arab anomosity? I note that one common thread in the story you quoted was Palestine, so how has this changed? Was Bush really worse than Clinton from their perspective?


Thanks. Scary and well said. Have sent it on.


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