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Excellent post. Having been in grade school in the 50's I know what worring about foreign monsters can be like for a kid. This is one area you and I totally agree on (bet you didn't think there was one): GWB has done a poor job in communicating what is going on. His first impulse, "continue shopping and act normal" was not bad, as it would show we weren't afraid, and the probability of further attacks is low (even if the potential damage is high) - sort of like folks in St. Louis worrying about the BIG Earthquake. But his later communications have not been good. I don't know if this is a problem of distrusting a left-leaning press or what, but it is GWB's job to get it right.


In Belfast we were told to report suspicious packages, not to leave suspicious packages lying around, there was a confidential telephone number for informers, and we had to be reminded to panic during bomb alerts.

The truth is there is very little a population can do about terrorism apart from getting bored by the risks and carrying on as normal. Herman the happy hermit crab is actually a fairly appropriate image.


Ali, that's exactly the type of advice that Americans aren't getting now. Warnings about suspicious parcels may not seem like much, but the British government has always sounded like it had very specific knowledge about the IRA's targets and methods. The US government in the last few weeks, has acted as though it had no idea who the terrorists in the US were (otherwise, why aren't they arrested?), when they are planning to attack, and how. The British security services may not have known everything that the IRA was doing, but it new something. The US government, on the other hand, acts and talks as though it knows nothing about al Qaeda.

That's probably an unfair conclusion. However, the hard, clever, and dangerous work that is likely being done today by people on the front lines (FBI agents, CIA analysts, NSA communications intercept specialists, etc.) isn't visible in what Ridge, Bush, Rice, et al. have been representing about US efforts. And it's not beyond imagination that the decision-making at the top levels isn't building on this work.


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