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The Muslim world is not like our world; moderation is at the heart of Islam. Our cultures based on the heady consumerism US or the Laissez Faire social license of Europe are loathsome to many Muslims. But these are people more akin to John Winthrop’s zealous congregation than medieval Crusaders purging sin by spilling infidel blood; it’s another shining city most seek to build not a pile of skulls. As Puritans they scorn our worldly weakness; that is not the basis of Muslim rage, its source is simpler, our policies have ridden roughshod over Muslim pride for more than a century. We are seen as greedy exploiters that shame Muslims by demonstrating their powerlessness to protect their holy places, let alone their water and oil. It is a perception that has more than a little basis in reality. It is a perception we must change.


I agree. Pride--and its flip-side, shame--are important political considerations in dealing with the Middle East. It's another reason, by the way, I think it's vital for people in power to look interested in learning more about the cultures of the region, to demonstrate that there's something worth learning about. (And there definitely is.)

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