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Steven Dee

I'm sure Ms. Ledeen is a wonderful human being, but that still doesn't make her qualified to assume the responsibilities she underttok in Iraq as part of the CPA. We should have been hiring only the MOST qualified individuals regardless of political stripe, not just bright young people who came with impeccable political credentials.


Just to clarify...

(1) I think the Post did a poor job of summarizing her skills.
(2) At the same time, I also think the CPA did an outrageously poor job recruiting for the best possible candidates.
(3) I recognize that Ledeen is more qualified than she was depicted. However, that still leaves open the question of how qualified she is, and for what job. The first question is something which, frankly, we made some progress in our exchanges in resolving, but by no means completely. The second is, like many other things in the Bush Administration, far too difficult to find the relevant information needed to make a judgement. I remain a skeptic on both counts.

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