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Like you, Joe Katzman of WoC, and Donald Sensing, I believe that Jacobsen was over reacting. But there is one useful point in her tail: if what she says is true, no passenger called them on their odd behaviour. Given that ordinary passengers were the only ones who foiled any of the 911 terrorists, this is a worrying sign. The greatest protection of society is when the potential victims are dangerous. Only a fool waits for government, which by its very size, is unlikely to act in time.


Yeah, but...For a few days, we only had Jacobsen's account. Now, as it appears, the air marshals on the flight, rather than winking and nudging with her about the suspicious Syrians, were actually concerned that she was blowing their cover. We don't know if other passengers alerted anyone to their "suspicious behavior" (going to the bathroom, bringing on board a bag of McDonald's food), but they may have. Presumably, time will tell, if the press decides to stick with the story. Meanwhile, here's the update with more details:


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