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Yes excellent articles. I've only recently discovered parameters via the publicity on the 'Towards An American Way Of War' article.

The article on Vietnam is particularly interesting. While the British are profitably referencing Ulster and even Malaya in the way they conduct the war the Americans don't seem able to make use of the lessons of Vietnam.

That the war was a defeat has lead it to be ignored. Indeed cries for the replication of La Hama seemed to be based on the misconception that Vietnam would have been won if only massive force had been used.


It's especially weird, given that the Vietnam War wasn't one undifferentiated failure. Strategies like the Marine's Combined Action Platoons, the CORDS program, and others did gain ground in the counterinsurgency war. You can say that the United States withdrew for different reasons than how well we were doing against the NLF, which should remove the emotional barrier about discussing Vietnam.

As I said, there are a lot of military personnel who take the subject very seriously, but the rewards system just isn't there yet. Nor is the cross-service focus, except to the extent that things like the joint special operations command contribute. (However, special ops are not counterinsurgency, and vice-versa.) There's still a lot of animus towards the "snakeaters" in the special ops community, which certainly doesn't help.


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