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If you do not already know, after reading this, you may conclude that they are part of dirty business in the extreme. By disguising their names and titles, could a Hollywood movie be made about them? Not hardly. Illusion-creating movie makers in years past, some say even today, have been accustomed to financing some of their productions through banks in Boston, enterprises long operated by traditional gangsters in combination with high-tone bankster judges and other low lifes.

The Carlyle Group has had Daddy Bush as a senior consultant and polished bagman and blackmailer, sent to shake-down and collect from, the degenerate Saudi royalty, long-time users, jointly with the rotted out royalty of Kuwait, of black chattel slaves. The directors of Carlyle have included former prime ministers, such as of the United Kingdom; an overthrower of the Portugal government, who had been a deputy director of the American CIA; and various expensive dressed sharks who know how to shake loose war contracts from the corrupt, blackmailable Pentagon and their military uniform swindlers.

Among other things, Carlyle buys up war-mongering industries, stock-watered down telecoms, big-time big-town real estate, such as downtown Chicago; and an assortment of related and unrelated businesses.

A fraud upon the throne of England is Queen Elizabeth II, actually not British royalty, but from German royalty, from the House of Hanover. A fake name, the "House of Windsor", was created early in the 20th Century, to cover up the German domination of Buckingham Palace. A sizeable portion of supposed British royalty, including the Cliveden set (pals of the Kennedy Family) were pro-Hitler. On the eve of World War Two, King Edward 8th abdicated his throne. Why? Because he wanted to marry a commoner? No, because he was pro-Nazi.

A true heir to the British throne was Princess Diana of Wales and her brother, from the Catholic House of Stuart. Thus, you can see why Queen Elizabeth's husband, Prince Phillip, arranged with British counter-intelligence, MI-6, to assassinate Princess Diana and pass it off as an "accident".

The head of the conspiratorial private bank, the Federal Reserve, Alan Greenspan, through his secret authorization codes, arranged a One Hundred Billion Dollar wire transfer to the joint account of the Bush Crime Family and Queen Elizabeth II, at her private bank, Coutts Bank London. Having a major interest in the same joint account has been Daddy Bush's former private business partner, Saddam Hussein (who is also a major owner of DaimlerChrysler; the magazine empire Hachette, publisher of George Magazine, now defunct, the assassinated editor of which was John F. Kennedy, Jr.; and Saddam is a large owner of Paris-based Matra which operates the light rail system at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport, for transferring people and baggage, called "People Mover").

Tied in to Carlyle, the Queen and Prince Phillip are themselves major owners of firms producing land-mines, opposed by a worldwide campaign by Diana. The Queen ordered the head of her private bank to become a top official of Carlyle. As stated in the Financial Times of London, December 19, 2001, "The Queen has a new bank manager, following the departure of Andrew Fisher, chief executive of Coutts, to the Carlyle Group, the US private equity firm".

So the Queen merged her worldwide financial, war-mongering interests with U.S.-based types who want to "bomb others into Democracy", in the process killing numerous women and children. And crippling and destroying children who unsuspectingly play around concealed land-mines.

The document showing the One Hundred Billion Dollar joint account is archived on www.cloakanddagger On Skolnick's website is the secret private partnership court case reference Bush/Saddam, story entitled "The Secrets of Timothy McVeigh".

With the Coutts Bank/Carlyle link, part of the One Hundred Billion Dollars began being transferred as bribery funds. The first part, 2.1 Billion Dollars U.S., was disguised as reputed "dividends" from Carlyle. This is referred to in a heavily-censored, watered down story in the Financial Times of London, February 6, 2004.


[1] The first portion of the over 2 Billion Dollars U.S, was trans-shipped through a Greek bank. The history of the bank:

It had for years been operating as a proprietary entity of the American CIA, as a branch unit in Athens of Rockefeller's First National Bank of Chicago (which later changed its name to Bank One, and then merged with the Queen of England's official transfer operation J.P. Morgan which, in turn, merged with Rockefeller's Chase Manhattan Bank, becoming J.P. Morgan-Chase, now in the process of taking over Bank One).

The Greek bank became the subject of a purported "embezzlement" case until it became evident in the court record that it was the CIA siphoning off funds of their Athens proprietary for political assassination covert operations. The case naturally came onto the docket of Chicago Federal District Judge Hubert L. Will, formerly CIA's head of Counter-Intelligence in Europe. In the federal court case, a vain attempt was made to block disclosure of the CIA role with the Greek bank. Trying the cover up in court was the then General Counsel of the now-infamous accounting book-cookers, Arthur Andersen (Enron, etc.) The court lawyer was Kennedy Family in-law R. Sargent Shriver, father-in-law of California governor usurper Arnold SchwartzenNAZI.

Skolnick was the only journalist covering the case and obtaining copies of the court records. His associates taped an interview with Shriver who tried to explain away the CIA link. In an interview on the sidewalk in front of the courthouse, Judge Will admitted to Skolnick it was just one of eight bank "embezzlement" problems for the American CIA.

[2] Receiver of the bribery funds was an ostensibly fake numbered, fake name "nominee" account at the Greek bank for the new Prime Minister of Canada, Paul Martin. Also done reportedly as a concealed account for the company owned by Paul Martin and of which he has been Chairman and CEO, namely Canada Steamship Lines and their subsidiaries. The reputed secret bribery funds for Paul Martin went through an adjunct bank, namely Ionian and Poplar Bank, S.A., of Athens, Greece, personally, individually, and jointly, for Paul Martin and his shipping businesses.

He is not, however, the head of the Canadian government. Under law, the Head of State is Queen Elizabeth II, a known point but seldom publicized or emphasized. The only radio program going into the Head of State question has been the Toronto-based program "Cloak and Dagger", taken off the air at the height of broadcast ratings for that time slot. [The program previously dared mention the Queen is by various schemes, actually also the Head of State of the United States. Among other tricks, she is the largest receiver of U.S. cotton subsidies.]

Prime Minister Martin was instructed by his superior, the Queen, to begin the clandestine disbursing of the funds. Martin is to keep part of the loot, payment as a reward to Martin for assisting the Bushies, including Jeb Bush, in various criminality in the Toronto area and elsewhere in Canada, primarily in conjunction with international massive swindler Marc Rich. [The Marc Rich/Jeb Bush dirty business was discussed on Cloak and Dagger.] As one of his last presidential acts as outgoing occupant of the White House, Bill Clinton, January, 2001, pardoned Marc Rich. Some say Bill/Hillary received several million dollars as a "gift" for the presidential pardon. An Israeli government document shows that an Israeli government official reportedly asked for Marc Rich's U.S. presidential pardon on the basis Rich was a useful proprietary operative of Israeli intelligence, The Mossad (The Institute).

[3] Another part of the first section of bribery funds was to be forwarded by Martin to the Bush White House, to be received on behalf of George W., by his Rasputin, Karl Rove. [Rove and the Bush Family both have Nazis in their family background.]

This portion of the criminal currency was to be "reward" payments to be belatedly forwarded to certain American radio/tv executives for doing an excellent propaganda job in favor of the war-mongers, U.S. and Great Britain, approving of the slaughter of Iraqis supposedly for their own good. Yes, Saddam was a dictator and a son-of-a-bitch BUT HE WAS THE IRAQI's own SON-OF-A-BITCH, quite acceptable to most of the inhabitants there, but Daddy Bush's former private business partner, Saddam, stood in the way of the Bush Crime Family grabbing the Iraq oil treasures.

[4] Other pay-off funds traveling through the joint account at Coutts Bank London, were secretly authorized to be forwarded by the Bushies/Carlyle/Queen Elizabeth II. The route was to be concealed by first sending the funds to two banks located at the reputed notorious and infamous Pacific basin Islands, Republic of Vanuatu. [The Vanuatu group lies roughly 500 miles west of Fiji and 250 miles north-east of New Caledonia.] Vanuatu is getting to be the preferred place to launder illicit funds such as for bloody black ops of the American CIA, MI-6, and the Mossad, by various banks now having units there, similar to the Channel Islands, off the French coast.

The two banks on Vanuatu, in turn, further laundered the bribery funds for Paul Martin, in concealed fake nominee, fake numbered accounts for him personally, and reportedly by and through his firm, Canada Steamship Lines and their subsidiaries. This done, by and through South Pacific Islands Bank, Ltd., of the Philippines.

The money was to be received later by Paul Martin, Canadian P.M., to influence financial and other power brokers, to strangle radio/tv shows in U.S. and Canada that severely criticize Queen Elizabeth II, the Bush White House, and Carlyle Group, such as "Cloak And Dagger" highest on such enemies list. White House and other Washington reporters that did not further the Big Lie of the war-mongers were to be made to sweat, and be pushed around, and threatened with less choice assignments.

The money trans-shipped through Vanuatu, however, had a built-in clinker. Some of it was very superior quality counterfeit U.S. and other paper currency, created by a highly-skilled team of engravers, known in the trade as "master cutters". The head of the team was instrumental in assisting the American CIA and a covert black ops group in the U.S. Treasury. What did they accomplish? Why, they produced a superior quality fake Soviet Ruble and used it, 1990-91, to topple the Soviet government, smashing the USSR's power by causing breakaway provinces which thereafter refused to collect taxes to be forwarded to the Moscow government.

Linked to the team has been Leo Wanta who contends he has been punished by false arrest and now house arrest, and cheated out of huge amounts guaranteed to him by contract. He says he has not been paid for his clearly patriotic services to the American CIA and the U.S. Treasury secret unit. In the U.S. District Court in the Eastern District of Virginia, he brought a damage suit seeking to collect what is, he says, owed to him and not paid for a decade. The defendants and their mouthpieces included Daddy Bush, the American CIA, the U.S. Treasury, and other named defendants.

The judge in his ruling shows the essential facts and contract set forth by Wanta are not disputed or challenged and are considered correct. The judge, however, states that Wanta should not be allowed to collect for his services, even though a contract provides for him to be paid. Why? The judge's ulterior purpose is to conceal, among other things, how the Elder Bush himself pocketed great sums belonging to Wanta. To accomplish this, the Judge falsely invoked so-called "national security". Are we to understand that there was no violation of "national security" when Daddy Bush and his criminal band grabbed large sums of the money? But when Wanta, by contract, not disputed or rebutted, demands payment for patriotic services rendered, "national security" is to blockade WANTA from being paid?

One of the provisions implicit in the contract, is that Wanta is to be paid in absolutely guaranteed valid and real currency, not superior quality counterfeit stuff. The banker-judges are clearly up the wall since they have reason to know that large quantities of the fake stuff have filtered back to the U.S. Why? Because large quantities of the countefeit U.S. currency were dumped on Saddam Hussein who was somehow tipped off. He, in turn, bought loads of equipment in Europe with it. The Europeans likewise were tipped off and dumped the counterfeit paper on Canada which, in turn, dumped it back on the U.S. And what is going to happen to the U.S. Stock Markets when someone discovers that the markets have been pumped up two ways?: First, with billions swiped from Enron by the Federal Reserve (one of the Enron executives was also a director of the Houston District Bank of the Fed);

[See Skolnick's website series on Enron.]

Secondly, by using large quantities of the fake U.S. currency.

[5] Leo Wanta also contends he was falsely jailed in a dungeon in Switzerland, later transferred to the U.S. on trumped up Wisconsin state tax charges, which he says he does not owe or has already paid. He is now out but under house-arrest. Why? He says he was part of a team that included CIA attorney Vincent W. Foster, Jr., who went on to become early on in the Clinton White House, as Deputy Counsel.

In an open letter to top government officials (shown on Skolnick's website), Wanta related how he and Foster and others, part of a team, came within a hair of grabbing international massive swindler, Marc Rich, on the Swiss border. That team had been ordered to take Marc Rich back to the U.S. for federal criminal prosecution. About 1986, Daddy Bush as Vice President, corruptly arranged for Marc Rich to skip the U.S. headed for Zug, Switzerland, to evade criminal charges stemming from Rich's defrauding billions of dollars. Rich so corrupted Swiss officials that the Swiss prosecutor, while still in office, also became an official of one of Marc Rich's firms. The local Swiss Mayor likewise held two positions, one as Swiss official and also Rich company official.

Bill Clinton/Hillary Rodham Clinton, with financial deals with the Bush Crime Family, faced federal jail if their supposed "friend", Foster, was available to testify about them. So they arranged a tremendous cover up of the political assassination of Vincent W. Foster, Jr., passed off as a so-called "suicide".
Every ethnic, religious, and racial group has certain profound truths known to themselves. But not acceptable or admitted by others.

After great travail in America, blacks are promised, if not actually and absolutely guaranteed and supplied, certain rights. Such as, the equal right to drink at the same fountain as whites. The equal right to stay at the same hotel as whites. The equal right to apply for and have jobs, and be paid, the same as whites. The equal right to go to public schools and colleges with whites. The equal right to vote.

And even more importantly, the blacks have the equal right with whites, to bleed and die on distant battlefields to support the war-mongering plans of the Ultra-Rich to covet and seize the lands and minerals and other treasures of others.

All of these are as if cast in stone. Too often, nevertheless, some blacks perceive the same as if written instead on their sad tombstone.

But the WHITE ANGLO-SAXON PROTESTANT Establishment (The Dominant Society) absolutely opposes the right of blacks to successfully pile up and get a controlling interest in various major enterprises and industries. The White Aristocracy reserves to themselves and to no others, the right to foment needless wars and orchestrate financial panics and Depressions. Blacks are not to be permitted to own the money center banks to finance such torment and profit thereby.

Blacks are not to be permitted to own and operate the bullet and smart-bomb factories. Blacks are not to be in a position to decide if chemical and biological horrors, as weapons, are to be supplied to slaughter, in faraway lands, people of color, dark-skinned Arabs, and other religious and ethnic opponents.

Blacks are not to have the financial muscle to control spy agencies and have the mad-Doctor scientists thereof formulate diabolical runaway diseases to be used, for example, to de-populate Black Africa, such as with AIDS.

And important in such regard, blacks are not to be permitted to be the actual controlling owners of major media and communications empires, vast propaganda machines.

As stated in the Declaration of Independence, "To prove this, let facts be submitted to a candid World".

===O.J. SIMPSON. As a successful black sports star and advertising symbol, he piled up great ownership in various enterprises. To cut him down, according to the WASP policy, he was forced into a near-position of being a would-be suicide or to flee the country. Blamed he was for the murder of his divorced second wife, a white woman. The verdict of a criminal court jury restored his liberty. Later, however, a civil court verdict grabbed and destroyed his fortune. (Simpson and his associates wrestled control of Ford International Corp. After ignoring repeated threats against his family, The Establishment murdered his wife and had him arrested for the crime, forciing Simpson to sell his shares back to the Establishment in return for his freedom. Hence the secret significance of his famous ride in the Ford Bronco!)

===BILL COSBY. As a successful black actor and television performer, he piled up a huge fortune. Together with others similarly situated, he set about to take-over one of the major radio/television news and entertainment networks of America, CBS. The mysterious murder of his son sent him the message. He would proceed no further, only with more of the jeopardy of life and limb.

===MAGIC JOHNSON. Who do you think gave him HIV?

===MICHAEL JORDAN. A highly skilled and successful black sports star, he put together a tremendous fortune. He was forcefully reminded, however, of the unwritten, unspoken WASP policy against blacks amassing fortunes and owning sizeable enterprises. His father was murdered and the bloodshed was falsely blamed on some nobodies who stole the abandoned car.

===MICHAEL JACKSON. An exceptionally skilled and successful black musical performer, he used his vast fortune to buy a controlling interest in the copyrights of the Beatles music catalogue, a worldwide asset. Banks, accountants, and lawyers reportedly put a brick upon his copyrights and other valuables. The monopoly press, as the organ promoting the policies against blacks of the White Aristocracy, circulated stories that he is weird and has a reputedly sordid private life. If true, it would not be any more so than white performers and their fortunes acceptable to the Establishment.

And the press whores hollered that he is "insolvent". So, the WASP policies have been invoked against Michael Jackson.

In sum, this policy plainly is that blacks are not to be permitted to accumulate fortunes and challenge the ownership of assets of the Establishment, "the powers that be", the Ruling Class, the Aristocracy---in short, THEM.

Almost without exception, blacks believe these matters to be self-evident harsh realities. And, that a terrible censorship obstructs this from being more openly discussed. So this is what happens to BLACK COOKIES. On the other hand, fakers and OREOS, as reputed blackmailers and cover up artists, such as Rev. Jesse Jackson and "Uncle Tom" U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, naturally, would never dare publicly discuss this subject.

There are plenty more examples, known to blacks, that if more fully enumerated, would stretch out from here to infinity. In a moment of despair, if not intense anger, some who may be called racial separatists might read the opening paragraph of the Declaration of Independence as their ultimatum to the White Aristocracy:

"WHEN in the Course of human Events, it becomes necessary for one People to dissolve the Political Bonds which have connected them with another, and to assume among the Powers of the Earth, the SEPARATE AND EQUAL STATION to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent Respect to the Opinions of Mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the SEPARATION."(Emphasis added.)
Howsoever it is happening, it is still a fact. America now has numerous enemies, worldwide.

Some want to dump on the U.S. their virtual slave-labor made products, under-cutting and wrecking American labor. For a variety of reasons, as instigated by the American/British Aristocracy, with others as their stooges and scapegoats, some would like to arrange the downfall of the U.S. Bill of Rights. Are they royalists and would-be Monarchists feeling safer with an iron-fisted Emperor?

Still others perceive Americans as misguided imperialists, itching to dominate the world with brutal force.

Whether they realize it or not, however, progressives in America seem determined to show George W. Bush to the planet as a lying wimp in the White House. And whether Americans are ready to admit it to themselves or not, the future of the U.S. seems to require a strongman who is going to do the following:

===With little formality and in the absence of legality, and without hesitation, proceed to bomb to bits any lesser nation, rightly or wrongly that seems to counter American foreign policy.

===That sends our so-far volunteer armies, as foreign invaders, falsely promising good government and good times to the targeted land, proceeding to occupy whatsoever country that dares to seem to bother us. And this, whether that country is actually a danger or as phantasized by the war-mongering American Aristocracy and their oil-soaked, spy-riddled American monopoly press.

===That purports to be the head man of the U.S., having become a tyrant, without a Declaration of War, that is pledged to swiftly "Bomb Into Democracy" any would-be counter-tyrant, having howsoever small a population compared to America.

President Franklin D. Roosevelt was once accused of having a presidential cabinet member who was "a son-of-a-bitch". FDR rapidly responded, "Yes, BUT HE IS MY SON-OF-A-BITCH."

At this fragile moment of American history and finance, the American psyche seems to require a ferocious Fascist, someone being behind the mask, actually NOT a nice, sweet "Christian family man". Why? To deal with a world perceived as populated with enemies of America, lined up against us, labeled as so-called "terrorists", to harm us.

In their heart of hearts, far too many Americans accept the illustrious credentials of George W. Bush and those of the Bush Crime Family:

1. George W. Bush's grandfather bribed the highest level of U.S. government to sidestep treason charges against him, in the midst of World War 2. It cannot any longer be denied. Prescott S. Bush, Sr., financed Hitler and escaped jail.

2. George Herbert Walker Bush, George W.'s father, used post-war surviving Nazi war criminals to aid his election ambitions, including the Presidential campaign of 1988, and some contend, to cover up the murder of President John F. Kennedy in which Daddy Bush was complicit. The younger Bush, like his father, continues the cover up of the murder of JFK eyewitnesses.

3. Daddy Bush was started and financed in the oil business by pro-Hitler members of German royalty, the House of Hanover, masquerading as the falsely labeled British House of Windsor.

4. George W. Bush did not show up for military service as part of the Air Force Reserve. Through bribery and political clout, he was not court martialed as he should have been.

5. As supervised by Daddy Bush, himself a pedophile, George W. Bush travels with and cavorts with his long-time male sex-mate, Mayor of a sizeable southern city. Bush the Younger is blackmailed about this by the Red Chinese Secret Police to divulge U.S. industrial, financial, and MILITARY secrets. Some in the U.S. Secret Service, outraged by this treason to aid and abet a sworn enemy of the U.S., have quietly resigned.

6. The day before 9-11, Daddy Bush met with a brother of supposed "terrorist", created by the American CIA, Osama bin Laden. As supervised by Daddy, George W. was in a position to have prior knowledge of the crazies in the U.S. Aristocracy arranging the tragedy of 9-11 to be falsely blamed on "Arabs", who did not actually participate except as patsies. All, for the purpose of justifying a new Crusade against the Moslem World, perceived as enemies of the Christian Western World, and to cancel the Bill of Rights.

The question remains: Is Macho Bush ok, as the rotten scoundrel America requires in an uncertain world and time?
Historians recognize that there is an inherent balance of forces to the ebb and flow of history. The actions that tyrants generate over time create an indestructible counterforce. Similar to Newton’s Third Law of Motion it is an equal and opposite force. For every tyrants heinous aggression creates a counter-tyrant to sweep the aggression away.

In this case the attack occurred on Nov. 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas. It was more than just the murder of a statesman but the heinous ambush of the People’s government of the United States by the forces of evil. An American fascist movement went to war against the United States, overthrew it's democratically elected government and seized power in a coup d’etat. This was most certainly in response to the fact, you’ll remember, that the U.S. government and it's Courts ruled that Prescott Bush and his partners had financed the Nazi-Hitler WWII movement in Germany. The Bush Crime Syndicate™ has ruled over the People of the United States from then till now.

Lest we forget a fact that was lost this week in the flurry of propaganda was that representatives of the entire American government were in the air on their way to Japan on that fateful day. The all important code book for deciphering messages had been removed from their airplane and the Washington D.C. telephone system cut off preventing the wheels of justice from operating.

Today we are living witnesses of the counter-force to that felony in Dallas. It is in disguise and is an equal and opposite countervailing force. It is so powerful that neither the Bush Crime Syndicate™ nor anyone else can prevent. Regardless of the number of troops employed; it is the Bush karma. A curse that this Crime Family has brought upon America.

The true nature of these counter-tyrants naturally remains invisible to the Bush Crime Syndicate™. And two counter-tyrants have now surfaced, and from within the Bush corporate midst, to avenge the Coup of ‘63. Like it or not, history and nature are on the side of these terrorists as they ride that equal and opposite tidal wave to dethrone these American fascists who seized control of the White House with JFK's murder. After all, one mans terrorist is another counter-tyrants revenge.

For they have been evoked by natural forces of history to avenge the monstrous crime perpetrated by Bush's 'tramps' in Dallas. Therefore expect in the months ahead, like it or not, that Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden will avenge John Kennedy’s murder by steam-rolling over the forces commanded today by the Bush Fascists.

No matter what label Herr Bush wants to give to these so-called terrorists, they cannot stop the stock responses of nature any more than we could stop water from evaporating. So prepare yourself to be witness to these counter-tyrants revenge against the Bush criminals who also stole the 2000 Presidential election in fine Nazi style.

The ebb and flow of history is not a force that can be reckoned with and in the words of the great American Hero Jim Garrison; let the truth be known, though the heavens fall.
Only old-timers remember the World War Two censorship agency. It was called Office of War Information, OWI. It was run by the ultra-rich families of Chicago.

It functioned, more or less, despite being riddled with historical and other contradictions and conflicts of interest. One such controlling group was the Marshall Field family of Chicago. Their huge fortune was based originally on their swindling the Federal Government out of large sums while supplying shoddy military clothing during the American Civil War.

By 1939, members of the Field Family were intermarried with the British Monarchy, under a false English Flag calling itself the House of Windsor yet they were actually German Royalty, the House of Hanover, heavily pro-Hitler. And the so-called British Royalty owned the Prudential Insurance Company, of Newark, New Jersey.

During World War Two, they, as a private concern, were in charge of the Strategic Bombing Survey. They decided on what targets, if any, were to be bombed by the Allies in Nazi Germany. Of course, American-owned Nazi facilities favored by the pro-Hitler supposed British Royals were spared. Including German plants of Ford Motor Company, General Motors, General Electric, and International Business Machines (which made and supplied specialized instruments to keep track of those in the Nazi concentration camps).

At the close of the war, many of these were intact as was the facilities of the chemical octopus I.G. Farben, a joint enterprise with Rockefeller's Standard Oil of New Jersey. Most of these operated with slave labor that were starved and worked to death.During World War Two, the Chicago Tribune, principal owners being the pro-Nazi British Royals, violated war censorship by publishing U.S. Military secrets. In so doing, they endangered our troops by disclosing their movements.

Nevertheless, OWI, having so many hang-ups as mentioned, never saw fit to seize the presses and offices of the Tribune for such blatant treason. [In various articles and books, the independent-minded brave investigative journalist, George Seldes, and others like him, mentioned the World War Two treachery of the Chicago Tribune. The Marshall Field huge corrupt fortune is mentioned in the heavily documented but nowadays seldom-mentioned book, "The Great American Fortunes" by Gustavus Myers.]

So, by the time of the pre-emptive attack by the U.S. on Iraq, March, 2003, the offspring and relatives of the two-faced, war-mongering gang knew what to do. Censorship against the common people of the U.S. was backed up by financial threats against the oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press. Such as CBS's parent firm, Viacom, exceeded the number of media outlets permitted by law in various major markets.

They were muzzled by threats of the White House to force the sell-off of outlets. Moreover, CBS' highly secretive, greatly profitable Military Games Division, formulating war strategies, could have their Pentagon contracts cancelled.NBC owners, General Electric, could lose war goods contracts. ABC Network's parent, Mickey Mouse, could lose sports coverage contracts were the White House to order Federal Grand Jury probes of ABC's dirty business with mobster sports agents including, murdering of key figures. [Some years ago in Chicago Federal District Court were disclosed this type of bloody business, in the Norby Walters case.]

Also, Disney could lose Pentagon contracts for the propaganda productions and videos made and promoted by Disney in South America and elsewhere, to support Fascist regimes favored by the American CIA. So in Persian Gulf War Two, the American monopoly press had their censorship marching orders:

===no news pictures or radio or television of returning casket of dead U.S. soldiers. ===no accurate casualty count, U.S. minimized, Iraqi inflated. No mention of the one out of ten Americans in Iraq were actually employees of private contractors in uniform with no insignia for security, maintaining tanks, computers, and such.In Persian Gulf War One, the number of civilian contractors employees assisting the U.S. Military was one out of one hundred real military. The contractor employees being in false military uniforms to assist their security. By the time of Gulf War Two, it was one out of ten so-called "U.S. Military" was actually a civilian employee in uniform, no insignia. See the book "Corporate Warriors: The Rise of the Privatized Military Industry (Cornell Studies in Security Affairs)" by P.W. Singer, June, 2003, Cornell University Press.

===no open discussion of U.S. Military as despised foreign invaders. And no detailed discussion that we have killed tens of thousands of primarily Iraqi civilians. All done, with no actual Declaration of War, in violation of the U.S. Constitution. And all this against a country whose population is less than ten per cent of that of the U.S. AND no evidence of Iraq's supposed Weapons of Mass Destruction.

===no open, detailed discussion of the White House/Pentagon orders to assassinate U.S. and foreign journalists and photographers. Among the reasons for the murders being that some of them have been documenting the mass graves of U.S. "Green-Card" soldiers. That is, Mexican and others caught sneaking over the border into the U.S. are dragooned into the U.S. Military and soon shipped off to Iraq. Yet, they are hard to supervise since they do not speak English. As dead soldiers, their bodies are not sent back to U.S. no man's land. Where are they from, after all? The bodies are dumped in unmarked graves in Iraq.

===Secret, unmarked offices in the Pentagon are the source of the Big Lie, dirty propaganda tricks funding. Major newspapers are apparently paid, or benefited by barter, in major media markets. To do what? To promote ads and articles urging persons to "test your IQ". In case you forgot, it stands for intelligence quotient, the ratio between the tested mental age and the chronological age. Website versions of major newspapers carry the same. And some of the same are in virtually free circulated, shortened versions of major newspapers, in Dallas, Chicago, and New York. Appealing this way to young men and women, with accompanying entertainment news, of military age of 18 to 34.

The purpose? To cull out the dummies, in advance of an expected necessary draft of young men and women to be foreign invaders not only in Iraq, but Syria, Lebanon, Iran, and North Korea, among other places. To consolidate U.S./British control of the oilfields of the Mid-East and surrounding territories.

The Liars and Whores of the Press are silent about the head of the Pentagon, Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld. He has been a Director of the huge Swiss worldwide war contractor, ABB, that supplied North Korea with nuclear processing equipment. Set up a group as an "enemy" and then mobilize armies to go to get them. Thus maintaining the central power supposedly of the U.S., actually a declining Imperial Power.Deny everything.
To understand history and current events, you often need data not taught in any schools.

[1] Frequently, we have exclusively mentioned the Red Chinese Secret Police creating murder and mayhem, operating with impunity on U.S. soil. Very often, through Chicago markets. Their bloody business is disguised, too many times, as trading in currencies and soybeans. Such transactions laundering the proceeds from "China White" dope, from Southwest China, entering the U.S. through Chicago. Harvesting of human body parts, as needed, by condemning and executing Chinese political prisoners, in good health, as orders come in from transplant centers, such as Rockefeller's University of Chicago Hospitals, taking care of "rich bitch" sick folks needing livers, kidneys, and such.

[2] In recent years, age-old former enemies now share secret business dealings. An example being Red China and Japan. Getting to be one of the largest money ships headquartered in the U.S. is Bank America, holding firm for Bank of America. Their major owners are no longer, as in the past, just the Jesuits and the Rothschilds. They are now joined as major owners by the Japanese mafia, the Yakuza. More numerous than the traditional Italian and Sicilian mafia, the Japanese underworld are principal owners of most every bank in California. Included is Wells Fargo Bank, a front for the American CIA's covert operations in the Pacific Basin including Hawaii now just a Japanese colony. Big faker, Warren Buffett, claims HE is a major owner of Wells Fargo.

[3] In merging with an East Coast failing bank chain, the real owners of Bank America sold short their own stock. The market excuse for the resulting decline in B A stock? That Bank America overpaid for their new partner. You can see why we call them BUNK AMERICA. According to records of federal regulators, BUNK AMERICA carries, more or less "off the books", tens of trillions of dollars of derivatives, a hocus-pocus for money laundry tricks. Actually under-the-table dealings in soybeans masquerading as currencies masked as index futures.

[4] For a while this has caused artificially high so-called "soybean" prices. This tends to fool some farmers into thinking all is well with American agriculture, under the supervision of the Bush Crime Family. The whores of the financial press say nothing about this as it relates to the Chicago markets, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, the Chicago Board of Trade, and the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Good-salaried reporter/spies "dummy up", such as at the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, and the Financial Times of London. And "soybean" monkey business is used to temporarily pump up the U.S. Stock markets in the face of an impending Depression.

[5] Currency-mongering is a convenient way for money mirror magic. And BUNK AMERICA are experts at it. They moved their headquarters from San Francisco to North Carolina, to be closer to other Red Chinese Secret Police enterprises, such as First Union, operated by the ethnic Chinese Riady Family, reportedly big also in dope through the southern states.

[6] Those in law enforcement continue to contend, to no avail, that Wal-Mart, dependent on slave labor via Red Chinese imports, bring in "China White dope inside the hollow sections of consumer items, such as bicycles. All done, with the aid and connivance on U.S. soil of the Red Chinese Secret Police. And to this, the FBI, CIA, and DEA are willfully blind.

[7] Further, the Red Chinese Secret Police blackmail weapons, military satellite secrets, and missile codes and techniques, out of the Bush White House. How? With threats to publicize George W. Bush's escapades with his male sex-mate, Mayor of a sizeable southern city. Bush and his male sex-mate often meet at a business enterprise owned by an important American-based financier of CIA-created so-called "terrorist" Osama bin Laden. All, while Bush claims he is a "Good Christian Family man".

[8] There are a growing number of Admirals and Generals, called "flag officers", high up in the U.S. Military, who are NOT "for sale". They know specifically about the treason of the Bush Crime Family and their complicity and prior knowledge as to September 11, 2001, falsely blaming it all on "the Arabs". This, to justify a new Christian Crusade against the Moslem world. Yet, at the same time ignoring that centuries ago, the numerous Christian Crusades against the Arabs, ended in bloody failures.

And these flag officers know full well that the invasion of Iraq was/is based on false intelligence. And that a president that knowingly does that, crosses the line, putting our military in harm's way and bloodshed without a basis, while needlessly slaughtering numerous men, women, and children in Mesopotamia, the Cradle of Civilization and the written word.

The super-patriots understand that under the Uniform Military Code, THEY are authorized to arrest their Commander-in-Chief, for treason. If HE arrests them for mutiny, and if they are not immediately assassinated, then THEY intend to defend themselves at Military Courts Martial with documented charges proving George W. Bush's treachery against the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the American commonfolk. Such as the Bush White House cover-up of FAA and related records as to 9-11 which also implicates some key Democrats who go along with the treason of Daddy Bush, supervising George W. Bush.

Does General Wesley Clark dare to be a spokesperson for the secret group of Admirals and Generals that want to arrest George W. Bush AND BRING OUR TROOPS HOME?

How do things operate in the real world? The oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press, of course, never tells us. BUT we need to know, such as:

[1] Daddy Bush, since 1959, has been with the American CIA, long before he was head of the spy agency, 1976. And he still has an over-riding presence there. And he supervises George W. Bush. The Elder Bush is thick with the Saudis in business, through Carlyle Group, ABN-AMRO, among other entities.

[2] A tiny nation, surrounded by those its perceives as religious enemies, needs to raise money to be armed, and to exist. How? Simple. The method used by all nations, BLACKMAIL. Israeli intelligence informed the Bush White House, in advance, of what was to happen on September 11, 2001. BUSH AND GANG DID NOT WANT TO KNOW. And, after all, Daddy Bush was the representative of the crazies in a faction of the Aristocracy that wants to scrap the Bill of Rights, and with an Iron Fist, rule without the consent of those governed.

[3] So far, Canada has refused to go along with the Bush White House for America and its phantom "coalition" to be foreign invaders of Iraq. But, Bush needs Canada and its worldwide "Mr. Clean" validity to support the American War Party, to run Iraq as a puppet American colony, from which great quantities of oil are extracted for the profit of the West.

[4] The Greater Toronto Area has a very sizeable population of Jews that do not support the ideas of the Bush White House attempting to strong-arm Canada. Bush needs a purported "terrorist" event to not only control the peons and know-nothings of the U.S., but also to psychologically force Canada to fall in line with American Imperialism.

On September 25, 2003, a Toronto blowtorch radio station--- industry lingo for a maximum a.m. watt broadcast---had a frightening exclusive story. That was Mojo Radio, the "Cloak And Dagger" Program, "Talk Radio for Spies!"™.

Highly-skilled, longtime investigators, according to program moderator Lenny Bloom, had discovered that there was a lumber-train headed from Canada to the U.S. Under the lumber, on some of the freight cars, was ground-to-air missiles, according to the railroad gumshoes. The Canadian CIA, the RCMP, often beholden to the American CIA, apparently did not want to know or be informed. So, ostensibly nothing was done, yet a large audience, Canada and U.S. ,heard the exclusive details, on the air and ON-LINE.

A month later, a ground-to-air missile was reportedly shot at an El Al plane that was bound from Montreal to Toronto, and then destined for Los Angeles. Because of many years of combatting actual and would-be terrorists, the Israeli air line has reportedly equipped, at considerable expense, its planes with anti-missile counter-measures. The flight was diverted to Hamilton, Canada. (A watered down, heavily censored story was in the Hamilton Spectator and the CTV News. They stated that security concerns divert El Al from its Toronto landing. That the plane was diverted because of a missile threat. 10/24/2003.)

[5] This event was part of a bigger situation. Part of a several pronged attack by the Bush White House and the American CIA, controllers and creators of Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden. The Bush White House, supervised by Daddy Bush, was out to scare Canada to join a worldwide religious crusade against purported "terrorists", a mere term meaning the Christians versus the Moslems. Schools never emphasize that the Christian Crusades of centuries past ended in failure in attacking the Moslem world, causing the Moslems to rise up, arm themselves, and beat back the Crusaders.

Another purpose was to counter-blackmail Israel, by threatening to create an international terrorist incidence, a missile launched against one of their flights through Canada. That was intended to make Israel shut up with their threats to divulge specific details of vast treason of the Bush Crime Family™.(Click here for Fraud Upon the U.S. Courts)

[6] Another part of the attack is directed against Albert Gore, Jr. Some still remember that a highly corrupt Gang of Five U.S. Supreme Court Judges arbitrarily installed George W. Bush as the occupant and resident of the Oval Office. The duly elected President, Albert Gore, Jr., was SIMPLY NOT INAUGURATED.

There are more and more reasons to believe that Gore may soon come out of the shadows and challenge Bush as to Bush sleeping with BIG OIL, BIG MEDIA, and BIG ELECTRIC.

Hence, some think it is no coincidence that at the same time of the intended missile attack in Canada on El Al, that there was a plot to physically harm Albert Gore, Jr., as well as members of his family. This was intended to coerce Gore to stay out of the public view as to fingering the Bush Crime Family
Is it funny? Or, is it for real? Some call it George W. Bush's Laundry List. Others, Bush's retirement wreckage. And is it for the items already cleaned up and known, or is it the dirty stuff? We don't hide, you decide.

[1] The German public is right. 9-11 was done by the U.S. Government. (And those in the know point to the Northwoods project, 1962, where top crazies in the U.S. Military were going to inflict murder and mayhem on fellow Americans---kill Americans with airplanes, everything. To blame onto Fidel Castro, and falsely justify the U.S. invasion of Cuba. The documented proof came out in a book just before 9-11, a blueprint of what was about to occur in 2001? "Body of Secrets" by James Bamford.)

[2] The second war against Iraq is a fraud. (Like the first one was---falsely instigated when U.S. Ambassador to Baghdad, April Glaspie, on Daddy Bush's orders, told Saddam Hussein the U.S. would not interfere if Iraq pursued their long-time brewing border conflict with Kuwait.)

[3] U.S. is facing a financial emergency. And in 2000, Albert Gore, Jr.'s financial experts told him to sidestep the election mess, and not emphasize that Bush stole the White House by corrupting a five-Judge majority on the U.S. Supreme Court. "Let Bush get the blame for the oncoming Depression, like Herbert Hoover", whispered Gore's confidants.

[4] "Dubya" is owned by the Red Chinese Secret Police. He lives a fraudulent life, not as a "Christian family man", traveling around now, and since an early age, with his male sex-mate, Mayor of a sizeable southern city. And a sworn enemy of the U.S., Red China, is using this to blackmail Bush, compelling him to turn over U.S. financial, industrial, and MILITARY secrets. Fitting the U.S. Constitution's definition of TREASON. (Article Three, Section 3.)

[5] The Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds are being plundered of funds by Bush, to temporarily support the U.S. Stock Markets. This, to let Bush think he can avoid forced "retirement" (Or is it jail?)

[6] Some in the U.S. Military believe they are justified in arresting their Commander-in-Chief Bush for treason. As authorized by the U.S. Uniform Military Code, since they have proof he gave U.S. Military secrets to the Red Chinese, a sworn enemy of the U.S. If Bush arrests them for mutiny, the generals and admirals, if not assassinated, intend to defend themselves at Courts Martial with the documents showing his treachery. A coup, by brave Military patriots, to save America and its Bill of Rights? And extract the Aristocracy's puppet, Bush, and assassinate the Ruling Class plan of a Fascist grab of power in America?

[7] Bush will leave for "medical" reasons. (Skin lesions linked to his male-sex mate, HIV, etc.? Orthopedic experts claim Bush does not walk straight, perhaps from rearview "acrobats" with his male sex-mate?) Are these the items from Bush's secret Retirement Account?

Nixon White House aide John Dean, to no avail, told Tricky Dick, there was a cancer on the presidency. That was the Watergate debacle.

By 2003, the malignancy has spread to Congress, the U.S. Supreme Court, and the White House. Some examples. There is a demand for investigation that Judges of the U.S. Supreme Court and the Chicago Federal Appeals Court have themselves committed a fraud upon their own court. Details of the corruption overlap can be examined. Click here

Some folks still remember how the 5-judge majority on the High Court, in Bush versus Gore, usurping State Law authority, arbitrarily installed George W. Bush as the occupant and resident of the Oval Office. This Military-style Court Junta, so unsure of their ruling, ordered their decision never to be used as a precedent in any other case. Gore was the elected President. He just was not inaugurated. Now there are whispers that three of the dissenting High Court Judges are threatened with physical harm.

And, it is no secret. BOTH houses of Congress are for sale. Sort of a two-for-one cheapo deal by lobbyists. And in some foreign languages, the word "lobbyist" is the same as bribe-carrier or bagman.

The Bush White House is a terminal case, stemming from the looming U.S. Military dishonor disaster, called Iraq. A symptom of a rapidly failing American Imperialism, a U.S. blood disease.

Cynics claim America needs drastic sorts of "medical" remedies. Sort of a latter day geopolitical chemotherapy nationwide treatment. Some would like to label their favorite reformer as a "Doctor", one who treats the U.S. body politic which is riddled with malign termination malady.
Over the centuries, similar ideas have led to nation versus nation, religion versus religion, in destructive conflict.

1. That each side has a growing military-age population, soon to face prospects of no useful work. A dangerous position to the religious/financial Imperial Hierarchies.

2. Another nation/religion/Ruling Class has the highest-level quarrel with our nation/religion. OUR Aristocracy is perceived as hopelessly endangered by THEM.

3. Another nation or group of the same, or religion, has without justification, attacked us, and shed our blood. OR, at the least, the common folk have been made to believe the same.

4. The opposing group is weak and we can overwhelm them, steal their lands/treasures, restore our national and religious honor and solidify our worldly and religious superiority.

Sooner or later, history reveals the treachery of the so-called leaders and financial and religious forces:

===Pearl Harbor was allowed to happen, so the U.S. could directly use their huge military-age unemployed labor pool, their tremendous industrial, mineral, and raw material might, to save another English-speaking nation, Great Britain, from being, some claimed, justifiably vanquished by their own perfidy in joining with the U.S. to finance the rise of Adolf Hitler as a bulwark against the Soviets.

===The Korean War was necessary to hem in non-Christian Red China after the rise of Mao, and to protect our new colony, Japan.

===The Viet Nam War, starting as a religious civil war by the Christian minority there, against other beliefs, and with the North-South connivance of the American CIA as well, was required to hold back Soviet expansion through their supposed client-state, once called Indo-China, where prior to the U.S. falsely-instigated invasion, the French colonial powers were finally bloodied, dishonored, and defeated. As eventually was also inflicted on America, soon to be bankrupt from the same, with its paper currency, supported by hot air alone, and its swollen, out-of-control bonded debt soon enough to be repudiated. And yet the American/British Aristocracy created the bogeyman of the Soviet Union, a manufactured "enemy" to warrant war-mongering profits.

The Establishment, "The Powers That Be", the Aristocracy, the Ruling Class, THEM, and their supposed Christian-Judeo belief system, requires that the ancient lands of the Babylonian and Assyrian Empires, Mesopotamia, in the regions of the Euphrates and Tigris Rivers, have to be taken back by the biblical Tribes. This must occur, some believe, before Salvation and the Return of the Christian Messiah.

Throughout the centuries, young soldiers are brain-washed that the identified "enemies" are sub-human, are infidels, and that as many as possible be slaughtered. And that this is mandated by Divine Authority.

By the 21st Century, it is of no consequence to some, that ancient Mesopotamia, now called Iraq, did not intend to attack the U.S., no longer had the means and superior weapons to attack us, and was not interested in attacking us, and would continue to go their own way under their Dictator, quite acceptable to them, but created and manipulated by the treacherous, satanic-cult-dominated American/British espionage/petroleum Cartel.

It is coming on to JUDGMENT DAY, for the rapidly declining Imperial Power, the disunited States of America. Screaming against the messengers of these harsh realities will not make all this go away. Is America, by Divine Intervention, cursed, because we will not put an end to the rise of another Hitler here in the supposed and blessed Land of the Free? Is a Bill of Wrongs replacing our sweet Bill of Rights?

[Just published book "Ahead of the Parade" by Sherman H. Skolnick, A Who's Who of Treason & High Crimes---Exclusive Details of Fraud & Corruption of the Monopoly Press, the Banks, the Bench and the Bar, & the Secret Political Police. Can be ordered, U.S./Canada 1-800-861-7899. BUT NOTICE, although ALSO LISTS THIS BOOK, they are currently blockading marketing and filling orders by DEMANDING PAYMENT OF TWICE THE LISTED PRICE of the book.]

The 9-11 World---Love It Or Leave It?

Some places in the Western World, they punch in 911 for emergencies. This time, however, there was no usual remedy.

That "other world", plenty of it Moslem, certainly not Christian, is where the oil is. To survive until some other energy is cheap, plentiful, and geopolitically safe, the West has to dominate the East.

Nuclear energy, developed in that other realm, endangers the West. A step or two more there, and it becomes a weapon, the Big A, Atomic.

Nowadays starting newly unearthed but old-fashioned Christian Crusades are not simple. (And centuries ago, the previous ones failed.) Those other folks have to be widely identified as "criminals", infidels. As to this, crazies in the Western Aristocracies are not crazy. The espionage cartels of the West are experts in "false flag" phantoms.

The declining Imperial and Industrial power, the disunited States of America---for all the World to see---has been castrated of symbols of their financial and military prowess. Cut down to nothingness were the Twin Towers of New York. The British/American Establishment may take near-on to forever to admit the truth. THEY DID IT! That ground-guided missile/airplanes, loaded with fuel, drew attention, as they struck each Tower. The fire-balls well-disguised the synchronized massive internal explosions quickly taking down each edifice at its deep foundation.

Fore-warned, some financial big shots with much of their staff, were not there that day. The White Anglo-Saxon Protestants, "the Powers That Be", quietly gloated that they could snuff out so many Irish Catholics, many officed way up in the doomed buildings.

At the same time, the plan was to be rid of people of color as well as Irish and Roman Catholics, predominating in the Hero Committees, the Police, the Firemen, and related supposed expendables, long-time targets of the Ultra-Rich. And such rescuers, opposed, as well, by the British Monarchy, controllers of the stooges and scapegoats in the purported American Central Government. No friend of Catholics, Queen Elizabeth II has her One Hundred Billion Dollar joint account with the Bush Crime Family, in her private enterprise, Coutts Bank London.

Veering away from the White House, an airplane/missile hit the Pentagon, monument of the Fascist-like weapons fist. It struck on the very OTHER SIDE of the huge concentric-ringed structure from the office of the U.S. Secretary of Anti-Moslem War. Experts, none of them from the Ruling Class, endlessly debate. It was a different type plane than reported. It was more a missile, looking like an airplane. Which?

Another remote-drone, ground-controlled, but off-course, over Pennsylvania, was by a U.S. Military jet, shot down, on orders of the prior-knowledge secondary resident and occupant of the White House, the unelected Vice President.

Like Nero of Rome, the fictitious President, as all this was playing out, continued his small-word fiddle-mouthing with tiny school kids.

As throwaways of the British/American Aristocracies, George W. Bush and his Daddy Bush control machine, together satanic cultists of the Skull and Bastards Secret Society, go on pretending to be clueless as to what was really happening. Not actual participants but parallel-track patsies, the oil-soaked Arabs were blamed. "ARAB TERRORISTS DID IT!" Trumpeted by the Liars and Whores of the Press, supporting Bushfraud, "We must have a worldwide Crusade against TERRORISTS!"

Funny thing. No one in the Big Lie Media could think of another suitable word. So, the mantra, like machine-gun bullets, shoots out repeatedly, "TERRORISTS! TERRORISTS! TERRORISTS!"

Because of this, the Bill of Rights required to be cancelled. In America, Arabs, citizens and non-citizens alike, are fingered. An epidemic against their U.S.-based offices, organizations, and Mosques.

The slogans, said and unsaid, are obvious. "Kill the Arabs, the 'TERRORISTS' ''. And, "Hunt down and eliminate the 'TERRORISTS', To Bring Peace and Prosperity to the oil-hungry Christian world!"

DO NOT PANIC, if this message, this website blinks out. If not brain-dead, you know the game.

Foreign invaders most always come to ruin. Napoleon found that out the hard way. In the worst winter up to then, the route of retreat from Moscow was littered with six hundred thousand French corpses, some not thawing out for months. (Another historic terrible winter helped crush Hitler's army at Stalingrad.)

A small group of U.S. Admirals and Generals, called "flag officers", vowed to arrest their Commander-in-Chief Bill Clinton, for treason as authorized by the Uniform Military Code. If arrested for mutiny, and not immediately assassinated, they were prepared to defend themselves with proof of his treachery, meeting with the head of the Red Chinese Secret Police, Wang Jun, in the White House, and selling and conveying U.S. MILITARY, industrial, and financial secrets to the Red Chinese, sworn enemies of the U.S.

As detailed elsewhere, ten U.S. Military brass were murdered and the patriotic effort doomed. Click for documents

Now, a much larger group in the U.S. Military has been apparently planning as well, to arrest or otherwise block or seize their current Commander-in-Chief, George W. Bush. Among the charges they are prepared to prove against whom some call "Bushfraud":

[1] That as arranged by his father and others, all with prior knowledge of 9-11, Bush went along with high-level treachery, orchestrated within the U.S. government, and with a faction in the Aristocracy, and within the U.S. and British Financial Establishment, and with connivance of big-timers on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, murdering three thousand persons on U.S. soil and falsely blaming the deed on patsies, "The Arabs".
[2] Causing great bloodshed to both Americans and Iraqis, George W. Bush ordered the invasion of Iraq, without a Declaration of War, and falsely contending the Baghdad regime was threatening the U.S. by preparing to use Weapons of Mass Destruction.

As a stooge and scapegoat for a crazed faction within the Aristocracy and the U.S. Bureaucracy, and instigated and promoted by Queen Elizabeth II, jointly in a massive account with the Bush Crime Family and funds of the Saddam Hussein partnership, in the British Monarch's private enterprise, Coutts Bank London Click for documents; and as supervised by Daddy Bush and on behalf of Daddy, Bush, Jr., set about, for the second time in twelve years, to start up with his father's disgruntled former private business partner Saddam Hussein, the oily, sneaky creation of the Secret Political Police, the American CIA. All for the purpose of stealing Iraq's treasures, such as oil.

[3] Called by some by his middle initial, Dubya aranged to heavily bribe the iraqi military elite in advance of the invasion, and had them and their families safely removed to the U.S., to go along with and assist the treasonous scheme. All the while, a U.S. Military cargo plane whisked Saddam out of Iraq, parking him at a U.S. jurisdiction site. Click here for backup document.

[4] That because of knowledge of George W. Bush's past and current sordid relationship with his long-time male sex-mate, the Red Chinese Secret Police have been enabled to blackmail out of the Bush White House, U.S. MILITARY, industrial, and financial secrets.

And the oil-soaked, spy-riddled American monopoly press, with full knowledge of all this, have censored the same.

Will this situation proceed as a clandestine matter, or become dramatic, perhaps violent? Stay tuned.

Just published, the book "Ahead of the Parade" by Sherman H. Skolnick, A Who's Who of Treason & High Crimes---Exclusive Details of Fraud & Corruption of the Monopoly Press, the Banks, the Bench and the Bar, & the Secret Political Police. Can be ordered, U.S. and Canada 1-800-861-7899 U.S. Senator John Kerry (D., Mass.) : Member of super-secret Skull & Bastards Society, at Yell University. Hopes to replace Bushie in District of Criminals. Plans to use his wife's Heinz Ketchup fortune to slobber onto actors in fake anti-war doctormentary.
New-Tire Plan: to promote safe cars using non-toxic Ketchup-Power.
Family Hiss: Irish Vatican, now claims to be closet Rabbi.

Motto: "Send me ballots, not bullets".

George W. Bush: Known as "Bushfraud", unelected occupant and resident of Purple House. Obtained key to place from landlords, U.S. Supreme Real Estate Court. Good habits: pisses on own shoes, result of high I.Q. Member with Kerry in nice-nice group. Bush travels with male sex-mate and relationship used by Red Chinese Secret Police to blackmail weapons secrets from Bushies.

New-Tire Plan: After leaving D.C., hopes to manufacture oil-based Nazi flags, as provided for in secret clauses of Patriots Law.

Family Hiss: His grandfather installed Adolph Whats-His-Name. Father, Daddy Bush, and Bush Crime Family, with part of Saddam Hussein partnership funds, have One Hundred Billion Dollar joint account with Queen Elizabeth II, in her private enterprise, Coutts Bank London.

Motto: "Bomb'em Into Peace".

Richard Cheney: competes with Bushies in oil patch. Once head of petroleum bandits, Hell & Burton. He still gets loot from past stick-ups. Helped orchestrate phoney-baloney for Gulf War One and Gulf War Two. Brains behind Purple House plans with oil-soaked, spy-riddled monopoly press.

New-Tire Plan: Figures to be jointly with Russian mafiya, as Commissar of Trans-Siberian Pipeline via North Korea/Japan.

Family Hiss: Part of French espionage restaurant gang. His name properly pronounced as chay-NEEEE.

Motto: "Nuclear energy gives me a sour stomach".

[Just published book: "Ahead of the Parade" by Sherman H. Skolnick, A Who's Who of Treason & High Crimes---Exclusive Details of Fraud & Corruption of the Monopoly Press, the Banks, the Bench and the Bar, & the Secret Political Police. Can be ordered, U.S. and Canada 1-800-861-7899.


Sometimes it starts as a most clandestine phantasy. A perceived remedy to a terrible reality. Has the oil-soaked, spy-riddled American monopoly press told us a series of the BIG LIE?

That as to 9-11, there was no bloody treason at the highest level of the U.S. Government? That the "Arabs" were not just patsies but directly implicated, and actually murdered three thousand on U.S. soil? And that the buildings at the World Trade Center fell down because struck by planes hi-jacked by "Arabs"? That the planes were not ground-controlled, over-riding the planes' onboard computers? That there were no internal explosions within those buildings? That there was a military stand-down by accident?

That the anthrax attack was not conceived and carried out by a CIA contractor?

That the U.S. is not suffering unreported, horrendous casualties, dead and wounded, in Afghanistan and Iraq?

That the U.S. is not possibly going to suffer in the Mid-East, the worst military disasters in recorded history?

That U.S. troops are not going to return, if at all, to the U.S., this once blessed land, mis-used and dishonored?

That U.S. unemployment is actually low? And that prosperity is "just around the corner"?

That the Aristocracy, and their stooges and scapegoats, have not cancelled that great document, the Bill of Rights? And have not replaced it with a Bill of Wrongs?

Some proposed answers and remedies are so secret, so forbidden to be mentioned, that some fear being surveilled, and hesitate to dare whisper the same into the ears of their most trusted friends.

Are the Liars and Whores of the Press reacting to perceived threats against themselves? To blot out overheard talk of the same, they converse with confidants in washrooms, their voices muffled by them repeatedly flushing the toilets. They dare ask:

Are there available fashionable, light-weight bullet-proof garments? Are there bullet-resisting wigs we can wear?

Will our agents amend our contracts with more provisions? For security consultants? For counter-terrorist guards? For bomb-proof, bullet-proof limousines to take us here and there?

Will more robot studio cameras be installed, housed in one-inch thick armor plate (as used, for example, in Chicago)?

Will the TV studios be made harder to get at, with more bullet and bomb proof walls?

The newsfakers have their nightmares. That like in the French Revolution, American Jacobins will arise, to chop off the heads of the Aristocrats and their stooges. And parade around with such heads mounted on poles.

And, that there will be the most blood-lust activated maiming and killing of the media lie-pushers.

If not actually Daughters of Lesbos, well, they act like they are. They are determined that fellow member, Hillary Rodham Clinthead, play a deciding role in who becomes the occupant and resident of the Oval Office.

Or, maybe, that Hil, sooner or later, wear the Crown there herself. Certain full-balls men, considering themselves real Democrats, with their flags perpetually up, persist in turning purple (wow! gay color, huh?)whenever SHE is mentioned. She is a closet Republican and is going to push the Democrat Party to ruin, they holler. "Bitch", pushy "Man-Killer". They have many such grenades to hurl at her not from the popular press style book weapons box.

The male Democrats, repeatedly calling themselves "genuine", are convinced that Hil's conspirators are sitting around a 21st Century version of MacBeth's media cauldron. Mixing there, toads of misinformation, poisonous patent medicines for GOP-dipped advertisers, depleted uranium missiles of alleged "news", all calculated to destroy Democrats Against "Bitch" incinerating them in their vehicles.

Gore is gored, even while standing in the shadows. Nader, "Ralphie-Boy", is pulled out from behind his real corporate curtain and converted into a supposed independent road-block.

The non-Lady media sorcerers include Newspeak scribbler Eleanor Clift and Anne Lewis, sister of out-of-closet gayster, Barney Frank. And including Susan Estrich of Fox-in-the-Henhouse News. They dump out sweet and sour, as their feminist exorcism secret formula requires.

They are called femi-Nazis by the neocons, themselves Nazis. The Liars and Whores of the Press, both male and female, and their sickie office-holders, are everywhere. How can common folk be free, without a free press, unless and until there is a terrible bloody purge?
As stated in previous stories, the Saudi Royal Family have been in the midst of a bitter divorce from the Bush White House Gang. To evade prior knowledge charges of treason against themselves, the Bushies have been falsely blaming the Saudis for 9-11.

As a reprisal, on the afternoon of Thursday, August 14, 2003, the Saudis were set to begin the wire transfer, out of the U.S., of a 98 Billion Dollar portion, of their upwards of One Trillion Dollars of deposits in U.S. money center banks, mainly in New York.

The transferring was blocked by a massive black-out U.S./Canada, hard-hitting New York and transit recipient point, Toronto. This was apparently orchestrated by a U.S. power firm owned by the British Aristocracy, to whom the Bush Crime family are shackled as stooges and scapegoats.

The occupant and resident of the White House had few options. Find an excuse to declare U.S. Bank Holiday (the banks being already insolvent)? Or, divide Saudi Arabia, non-oil West for Saudi Royals and religious sites, and oil-rich East, as U.S. occupied Military Zone?

As a stop-gap measure, George W. Bush secretly and unlawfully grabbed huge portions of the U.S. Social Security and Medicare Trust Funds, thus endangering sickly and senior citizens now and in the future. For what? To bribe the Saudis not to re-schedule their flight capital out of the U.S. At least, not for now.

The Bushies ordered that the Saudi Royals have their One Trillion Dollars in U.S. deposits sweetened. How? By off-the-books higher interest additions, by awarding of hush-money, some of its disguised as financial instruments, such as debentures or heavy portions plundered unlawfully of supposed U.S.Government-backed mortgage pools, namely, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and Ginnie Mae. Thus, darkening the financial horizon of common Americans and their home ownership.

Part of this stolen goods is also being used, to fool suckers, by temporarily pumping up the U.S. Stock Markets, to give the false image of an impending so-called "economic recovery", when none is at hand.

And, BIG MEDIA and BIG OIL continue their
"Song of the Rotten Liars".

What is the reason, NONE dare call this Treason?

As we mentioned in previous story, the greatest U.S./Canada black-out was to block the wire-transfers of Saudi funds deposited mainly in money center banks in New York. The transfers scheduled to begin that Thursday afternoon, August 14, 2003, was to start with 98 Billion Dollars, part of upwards of One Trillion Dollars of Saudi monies in U.S. banks. This was to have been a consequence of the bitter divorce between the Bush Crime Family/Carlyle Group and their now disgruntled business partners, the Saudi Royal Family. To try to divert attention from the treason of the Bushies, the occupant and resident of the White House began falsely blaming 9-11 on so-called "Arab terrorists" supposedly financed by the Saudi Royals.

The Arabs were NOT direct participants, just orchestrated patsies, to protect the crazies high up in the U.S. Military, and the same mindset in the American/British Aristocracy, for which the Bushies are scapegoats and stooges.The pro-British American monopoly press as well as the press of the United Kingdom have suddenly come forward with accusations against the Canadian transit point of the Saudi flight capital, namely Toronto, as well as stories calculated to defame the Vatican, with their official banker the French Rothschilds being intended recipients of the Saudi funds to be transferred out of the U.S. And how will the occupant and resident of the White House now deal with this? By declaring a National Bank Holiday, based on data that the major U.S. money center banks are insolvent (which they are and will be moreso minus the Saudi deposits) and that such banks have gambled away their assets on gold and oil hocus-pocus derivatives, putting the banks over the cliff by more than Thirty Trillion Dollars? And will the impending collapse of U.S. Treasury securities be a reason to block the Saudi accounts in the major U.S. banks, mainly in New York? The pro-British American Monopoly Press as well as that of the United Kingdom have sprung into action to accuse those involved in the intended transit of the Saudi funds out of the U.S.

[1] A part of the intended route of the Saudi monies was to have been through Toronto, Canada, victim of total black-out. The British news service, Reuters, circulated an apparently false story that the leaders in Toronto were not available to deal with the black-out emergency.

[2] A major British publication, The Observer, linked to the Guardian of London, picked this very moment to circulate a story that there is reputedly a Vatican document in Latin, authorized more than four decades ago by then Pope John 23rd, commanding absolute secrecy on the accusations of sexual abuse by clerics. Violators, according to the reputed document, would be excommunicated from The Church. Is this a mere coincidence that the Vatican is thus lambasted at the very moment the Vatican along with the French Rothschilds was scheduled to have been the recipients of the Saudi flight capital?

[3] Another possibly related event, is that the representative of the Super-Secret Covert Operations Chief of the U.S. Treasury has demanded censorship of a Toronto-based weekly two-hour radio show, "Cloak and Dagger" with motto "Talk Radio for Spies!" The demand is that the website, of the show take down and redact certain documents proving treason by top U.S. officials. The excuse for this intended suppression? That it violates---now get this---the National Security of the United States, NOT Canada!

Daddy Bush had a falling out with private business partner, Saddam Hussein and the rest is called Persian Gulf War One. The Bush Crime Family is having a divorce from the Saudi Royals, and it is called the Great Black-Out of 2003.

With the true nature unraveling of the U.S./British high-level crazies having created the monstrous disaster called
9-11, the Saudis are not standing still while the Bushies and the Carlyle Group blame it on supposed "terrorist" hi-jackers financed by the Saudis. Part of an espionage/political assassination-type trick, called The Parallel Track, the Arabs now realize they were all the latter-day "Lee Harvey Oswald's", purely patsies.

What to do? Simple. The Saudis, until now paid for their oil treasure in "U.S. Dollars", have on deposit in U.S. money center banks, mainly New York, more than One Trillion Dollars. The largest such, Citibank New York, has as its heaviest shareholder, with the Rockefellers, a top-member of the Saudi royals.

The U.S. Treasury got wind of the Saudi plan for Thursday, August 14, 2003, to begin the wire-transferring of 98 Billion Dollars. The recipients? Why, French banks and other enterprises in Quebec and through Toronto, Canada. In greater part, that is, the French Rothschilds, official bankers of the Vatican.

Shortly after noon of U.S. Financial Doomsday, the U.S. Treasury ordered their unit, Internal Revenue Service, Manhattan, to immediately revert to back-up power. This according to a wire service story used once and later, dropped down the Orwell "1984" media hole. Three hours later, began the greatest U.S./Canadian black-out, blamed by the U.S. monopoly press on the Canadian side of Niagara power. The Canadians immediately rejected the fake U.S. explanation of a "lightning" strike. That the treacherous Brits, and the Queen of England, having recently bought into a key portion of the U.S. grid, and tied to the Bushies, remains generally unknown.

So in a State of Emergency, by a created mess, the Saudi money escape, for now, has been blocked.

Just earlier than the U.S. Treasury command, the Financial Times of London, showed how Federal Reserve Commissar, Alan Greenspan, is trapped in a U.S. Bond Collapse, causing interest rates to spike, (according to some, perhaps worse than 21-1/2 per cent, for the most solvent creditors, as in 1981).

Now what? Perhaps a new fabricated crisis. Such as, a strange ship entering New York Harbor with "nuclear terrorists". Or, maybe thirty nuclear suitcase bombs (code-named "Red Mercury") known to be located in or near Manhattan. The problem? Simple. Stop the Saudis. The oil-soaked, spy-riddled pro-British American monopoly press can holler that the Saudi royals are secretly financing the Iraqi underground killing our troops.

The solution? By U.S. Military force, divide up Saudi Arabia. The non-oil western part with the two religious sites, to house the Royals. The eastern part, seized for oil for the U.S. and such.

Can there be any question that the U.S. Treasury had prior knowledge of the Great Black-Out of 2003? Does the Treasury intend to finger the Vatican plan to seize Jerusalem as their capital? Or admit the Saudi attempted money escape? Or admit that the Bush Crime Family should be arrested for treason against the American people?WHO hopes to benefit from tearing apart the United States IN AMERICA? A short list:

1.The British Monarchy, and their stooges and scapegoats. They tried in the War of 1812. They tried again, in fomenting the natural friction between the industrial North and the slave-owning-agricultural South. They benefited from the political assassination of three U.S. Presidents.

Currently, they hope to create a fatal donnybrook between the Central Government EAST and the WEST. Stupidly and stubbornly refusing to aid the States in the impending Depression, the pro-British fictitious Bush White House, as a starter, is implicated in a dirty scheme to put California upside down. Backed to the bankruptcy wall, some in the once-prosperous largest State, threaten to refuse to forward Federal tax monies to the Bushies and the Brits who send back little funds Westward.

Watching all this with "we got ya" glee, are the Russians going to re-claim California, Alaska, and a few other places (claiming the land stolen and/or the 99-year lease long since expired)?

2.The huge worldwide financial forces of Saddam Hussein, the former private business partner of the Bush Crime Family/Queen of England. Well-trained by the American CIA, and no longer actually having Weapons of Mass Deception, Saddam, Inc., suckered the U.S., without a Constitution-required War Declaration, into attacking Iraq, the ancient Cradle of Civilization, survivors of numerous dumb-ass foreign invaders. Saddam, the Swiss-headquartered corporate monster, has lured the former formidable Imperialist power, the U.S., into possibly the greatest military disaster in all history.

As the major shareholder of Daimler-Chrysler, and various other major enterprises, including missile-makers, procured from blackmailed and extorted funds (jointly with the Bushies and the Queen), Saddam, Inc., and their cohorts, body doubles, and agents, are prepared to piss upon the graves of the Disunited States IN AMERICA.

3.The Moslem world, stirred up with false accusations of 9-11 "terrorism" (actually orchestrated by crazies in the American/British Aristocracy). Perceiving themselves as the target of yet another historical unsuccessful Christian Crusade, they threaten to pull out over a trillion dollars on deposit in the already derivative-insolvent American banks. And yank away hundreds of billions invested in U.S. Treasury paper, the Saudis, for example (along with Japan but NOT U.S. citizens), being the only such bond-owners having the paper backed by U.S. Gold (if it still exists).

4.A host of other Ruling Class-types, split into warring factions, are smashers as well of the Social Compact once underpinning the American Republic.

A tragic hoax is that there are supposedly free and open elections in America. At key turning points in U.S. history, the highest court and key state election board officials have been part of a cabal to install a fictitious occupant and resident of the White House. The actual winner of the presidential election was NOT inaugurated. (1876 and 2000.) Each time, it was to shove in a candidate to carry out an evil purpose. In 1876, to reverse the post-Civil War Progress of blacks. In 2000, to use fake White House instigated "terrorism" to start supposed Imperialist Christian wars against Arab supposed "infidels".
To aid in this fraud against the consent of those governed, scrapped by the Aristocracy has been the so-called "Australian Secret Paper Ballot". It was generally replaced by computer-controlled voting machines owned and operated by foreign powers. They refused to divulge their secret computer codes which they deemed their private ownership,"proprietary". [Click Here for documented items of the voting machine frauds.] Before any of that, for the benefit of the British Monarchy and their efforts to obstruct the U.S. in their own development of power through vast industry and finance, there was the political assassination by supposed "lone assassins" of three U.S. Presidents. Abraham Lincoln, James Garfield, and William McKinley.
Skolnick was widely heckled when in 1999, on Talk Radio, he predicted the Year 2000 Presidential Election may not be conducted in the customary manner, if at all. In 1999, there was a plot to kill expected Presidential Candidate Albert Gore, Jr., when his plane, as then Vice President, was set to be "accidentally" rammed over Chicago by three commercial flights. A week later, July, 1999, secret intended Presidential hopeful, John F. Kennedy Jr., was snuffed out in a bombed airplane.
Those behind the scenes who actually own and operate America, the Establishment, "the powers that be", the Aristocracy, the Ruling Class, THEM---believe in the bullet not the ballot. They govern without our consent until such time as America has its first real Revolution, to throw off our soil and ownership, foreign bankers and industrial dragons. Few Americans have books in their residences. Even less, copies of the U.S. Constitution. Article Six, Section One of the same provides for the U.S. to pay off all debts and arrangments pre-dating the U.S. Constitution. Hence, common Americans have been taxed forever to pay British bills.
If Americans have the complete guarantee of the Second Amendment, they have the major way open to them to throw off the tyranny of a fraudulent Central Government controlled by foreign scorpions. The U.S. fundamental law, purchased with blood, may have to be restored the same way, now that the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights have been brutally cancelled.
Who else dares bluntly talk or write this way in North America?
......Breaking News.........Bush ponders arrest of alleged plotters who seek to arrest him for treason..Facing possible arrest according to sources are Albert Gore Jr., Senator Bob Graham and an unnamed Pentagon general.


George W. Bush Denuded

Eight days before Commander-in-Chief/President Nixon was stripped of all authority, the indication of it in the top most circles was that the “football” was taken away from him. That is the term used for the nuclear code briefcase always carried next to the President by a Marine Guard. In Nixon’s case, White House Chief of Staff, General Alexander Haig, was ordered to do so by a Jesuit relative. Thus the Pentagon could not carry out the orders of President Nixon since he had been divested of all authority.

On the same day that George W. Bush verbally announced that “we are not leaving Iraq” a top group in the U.S. military has let it be known that Bush no longer has authority as Commander-in-Chief. Those well informed on the subject contend that three symbols of his authority were shorn from Bush’s presence.

U.S. Senator Bob Graham (D.-Fl.) in recent days confirmed that Bush may have him arrested for violating national security in releasing 9-11 U.S. documents, which tend to incriminate Bush with treasonous prior knowledge. On the same day as Bush’s Press Conference, the Media announced that Al Gore was running for President. One commentator, stating that Gore may run to be re-elected President sarcastically implied that Gore is already the actual President but not inaugurated as a result of the strange 2000 election.

As a result of financial emergencies and impending military disasters, Gore’s confidante’s contend that he may appear as part of a three part group of emergency administrators of the Central Government called a troika. For that purpose they are whispering Gore and Graham may return to military uniform along with another U.S. Military General who is a member of an opposition group to Bush in the Pentagon. In the past, Bush failed to show up for military service unlike Gore and Graham who served in the military.

Some key Democrats and Republicans privately accuse Bush of treason giving U.S. military secrets to the Red Chinese, a sworn enemy of the United States, who are blackmailing Bush on his sordid private life traveling around with a male sexmate. To try to counter this Bush at his press conference said :”I believe marriage is between a man and a woman, and I believe we ought to codify that one way or the other, and we have lawyers looking at the best way to do that.”

Top Democrats contend that Bush seeks to arrest Gore along with Graham and an unnamed General for plotting to arrest Bush as a traitor. Bush may sidestep this opposition military group by a fake supposed terrorist attack. This is why some of the top brass at the Pentagon have apparently divested Bush of all authority.
Facing military and financial impending disaster, George W. Bush is searching around in the blame game. The occupant and resident of the White House plans to rely on his public image. Mainly that he is a good hearted simple-minded fellow relying on super-clever cohorts. To that end he wants to incriminate British Prime Minister Tony Blair. Bush, to save himself, wants to charge Blair with knowingly referring to false and forged documents to justify the Iraqi oily Crusade genocide adventure. According to Bush, Blair didn’t reveal his sources but informed Bush that proof is in the hands of the highest authorities, including British Intelligence and Buckingham Palace.
More and more the popular press points to Bush relying on phony British information, actually secretly supplied to the British Monarchy from Rome. Accidentally reverting to his mind-set as a southern slave master, Bush also wants to lynch Condoleeza Rice and Colin Powell, both black, for misleading Bush.
Although stupid enough to piss on his own shoes, Bush does recognize the black-white atomic racial bomb in his arsenal of pretended innocence. He also toys with the idea of rebuking the numerous advisors surrounding him who have Jewish sounding surnames that may not be apart of that religion. Some are dual citizens, U.S./Israel. But Bush, with only a two digit I.Q., nevertheless knows enough not to mess over “False Flag” experts, such as, The Mossad.
The blaming-Blair-scenario is the most dangerous of all Bush’s options. After all, Blair, on behalf of and jointly with Queen Elizabeth II and her husband, are more accomplished blackmailers than Bush. Moreover, the Bush Crime Family is in a hundred billion dollar joint account with the Queen of England, jointly laundering Saddam Hussein extortion loot at her private bank, Coutts Bank London. (secret document)
Is Queen Elizabeth II of England, with her Royal Storehouse of incriminating documents on Bush, threatening to set off a firestorm of impeachment-treason prosecution of him? TO FORCE BUSH TO SHUT HIS MOUTH!!
Once again another body surfaces in the on-going battles between the Royal Crowned Heads of Europe. Dr. David Kelly, a top microbiologist of Welsh descent, was snuffed out after he threatened to go public with documents that would incriminate Queen Elizabeth II as a usurper to the English Throne and expose her many skeletons in the closet. She is a Hessian from the German House of Hanover and with her husband assassinated the true heir to the English Throne namely Princess Diana of Wales, Head of the House of Stuart. (Note: Diana's brother, actually the Head, was target number one of MI-6 and fled to exile in South Africa.)

Queen Elizabeth II, as actually the true head of the United States, sent her P.M. Tony Blair to inform President Bush of the necessity to wipe out Dr. Kelly, a top official of British MI-6 counter-intelligence, for the survival of the fraudulent House of Windsor. No longer trusting so-called secure telecommunications, Blair went to Washington in person.

This time the royal battle consisted of three teams. One team was out to steal Kelly’s documents by knocking him out; but not to harm him. They are the Grabbers, the French Rothschilds; on behalf of the Crowned Emperor of the Vatican -- The Pope, who has long desired control over the Throne of England and like Caesar, the capture of Jerusalem, thus nullifying the Arabs and the Jews.

Meanwhile the second team the Windsor’s arrived a few minutes later, and surprised to find no expected documents, bumped off Dr. Kelly. The pro-British House of Windsor press, dominating the media in Europe and the United States, spread the big lie of Dr. Kelly’s suicide.

A third team for their own benefit, watching but not participating, are scheming to swipe the smoking gun records or force the Rothschilds to surrender them. They are the royal house of Habsburgs, including Spain and Austro-Hungary, master blackmailers, and experts on setting up the thieves and robbing from them, The Sting.
Thirty years ago, the United States’ Vice-President Spiro Agnew was forced from office by a belated scandal. Gerald Ford, the JFK murder whitewasher, without an election replaced him as the Vice-President thanks to the 25th Amendment which was pushed into constitutional law by the Rockefeller Family.

Shortly thereafter President Richard M. Nixon was coerced to leave office and this time Vice-President Ford without an election became the resident of the Oval Office.

President Gerald Ford, in turn, appointed Nelson Rockefeller, without an election, as the new Vice-President. Thus the Nixon/Agnew team was replaced by the Ford/Rockefeller cabal. Rockefeller, a member of one of the world's richest families, testified to the U.S. Senate that he had paid no taxes for the previous eleven years.

Shortly thereafter Ford survived three genuine assassination attempts. Rockefeller almost became the President by a bullet not a ballot.

Like his uncle, John D. Rockefeller IV, who calls himself Jay to be cute, itches to occupy the Oval Office without legal election formality. And the CIA is now attempting to force out, U.S. Vice-President Dick Cheney.

Does George W. Bush study history? Does he see a pattern here? Or is he, according to some cynical commentators, busy pissing on his shoes?
Middle-Finger News™
Sticking it to the Poobahs

Knowledgeable news reporters claim that Media bosses are censoring the substance of the following story; namely that top generals of the Iraqi elite republican guard were bribed, in advance of the war, not to resist the U.S. march on Baghdad. Iraqi Generals and their families were quietly rewarded and brought into the United States. Remember that in 1991 Daddy Bush as President brought upwards of 13,000 Iraqi military officers some from their intelligence division to reside inside the U.S. including Oklahoma City.

Some top journalists report that with the complicity of Russia’s President, Saddam Hussein himself, like his generals, is in exile within U.S. jurisdiction. To twist the arm of the White House into silence and to blackmail a financial advantage, Putin has circulated stories that a huge hoard of American money in Europe is forged. Furthermore he knows that Saddam can give eyewitness testimony of treason by the Bush crime family.

The 'Bilderburgers' are the Big Macs of the world. The Masters of the Universe. These crowned heads of Europe are the Kings and Queens of Monarchy, Media and Money. Recently they summoned the world's politicians and autocrats to their very secret annual meeting. Held at Versailles, it's purpose was to turn them into globalist french fries.

The matrix of culinary preparation was done with a secret formula, oil. The price of this clandestine elixir is set by the master chefs of the world governments, dressed in their long purple dresses and their tall black hats, their faces obscured by masks.

The symbol for this cooking magic is a golden calf which is concealed in many churches and synagogues, identified as a sin according to the Menu Bible. Once the serving table is cleared their stooges and scapegoats fall dead poison assassinated, their airplanes blown up overcooked, their cellphones a cooking bomb.

And thus control is kept until the next magic banquet.
The head of state of Canada is the Queen of England. The true head of state of the United States is likewise the Queen of England. According to a website posted authenticated document, click here the British Monarch has a hundred billion dollars joint account with the Bush crime family in her private enterprise Coutts Bank London. What if all of a sudden this arrangement came to a disastrous end?

The Queen of England is of German royalty, House of Hanover, a Hessian; a usurper of the Throne. Princess Diana, her children AND HER BROTHER , The House of Stuart, are the true heirs to the British Crown. Diana, heiress to a banking fortune, was about to merge with an Egyptian Royal Bank fortune, her intended husband, Dodi al Fayed. Considered to be a forbidden marriage of the Christian and Moslem world for Peace; with Diana worldwide opposing landmines.

Is it any wonder that Queen Elizabeth II, of Teutonic ancestry, and her husband, major investors in landmines, jointly with Bush, all warmongers, to crush this, had British Intelligence and the CIA murder Dodi and Diana? Treasonous execution orders by a Pretender Queen to keep Diana, in line to the Throne, from wearing the Crown and a warning to her brother.

Antiquated Tory

And now you know what you get when you start a blog.


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