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I have been reading this blog over the last two days, and have read everything up to here. I like the type of analysis that you use, although I imagine we differ on our final conclusions. A historical analogy that I would offer for thought is the struggle that mainstream Islam fought against the Isamilis in the first centuries of the last millenium. While the Ismailis survive to this day, they do so in a radically different way than during their heyday between 1000 and 1250. The final solution required diplomacy and a rather depressing amount of battles and massacres. One stimulating similarity is that the various opponents of the Isamilis fought amongst themselves a great deal, and that the final phases were fought by the Mongols who overran both sides.


Your question "What would have to happen for you to decide that Bush wasn't worthy of re-election?" is a good one. My problem is that there is a long list, and I am not all that thrilled with what he has done so far. However, the real question is "What has to happen for me to want Hanoi Jack in the White House?" Here the answer is "NOTHING".

I wish that McCain had stood against the President in the primaries as RFK and McCarthy did against LBJ, and I wish that the Dems had not gotten into their ABB mode. I have voted for more Democrats for President than Republicans, but unless Kerry steps down, this won't be one of those elections. This is unfortunate, as there are Democrats who might be a good choice.

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