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According to the Army, there was no mistake. Unfortunately, it is difficult to tell from here what happened, but the location of the incident makes Kimmitt's statements at least plausible. One of the biggest problems with this was, of which Iraq is an important campaign, is that the media have gotten inside the Public's OODA loop, and it is driving us bananas.


Unless the wedding video is an amazingly sophisticated fake, there are some ready explanations for why the wedding was for real. (See this account for more details.) I think it's a mistake for CENTCOM to be flatly denying any possibility of a mistake at this point. The answer, "We're of course investigating this incident, but it's too early to leap to conclusions," would have been enough. Kimmit and Mattis' comments are just completely off the mark, unless there's some huge, looming fact that hasn't been made public yet.


Crap, the link didn't get posted. Here it is:

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