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"A war like no other" because it has an enemy like no other. The enemies attributes:
1. a multi-national coalition of religious terrorists who are
2. radical adherents of a religion with over a billion follwers world wide some of whom
3. Live in countries which have nuclear or bio-chemical warfare capabilities and
4. Many of these lunatics WANT TO DIE.

You might make a case for Russia having faced something like this during the period of the nihilist terrorists, but they were mostly confined to Russia itself, which made things much easier to deal with

You might think of the struggle of the Seljuk Sunni state against the Nizari Ishmaili's, who were certainly international terrorists. But these guys did not have access to the kind of weaponry that our enemies have. As a aside, even though this case may not have been as dangerous as ours, the problem wasn't really solved til the Mongols overran the whole place and killed most of the Nizaris.

While your individual points may be correct, you miss the quantitative difference that a confluence of all these factors makes. If you throw into the mix the fact that there is a rather large and dangerous SECOND enemy involved in this, it becomes a true witches brew.
and search for "Stardate 20040504.1341"


But these groups existed before. And they hated the United States with equal passion.

I have the occasional sleepless night over the nightmare alchemy that might result if al Qaeda, Ansar al-Islam, or a similar group got nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons. But it hasn't happened yet. The most dramatic event in global terrorism depended on box cutters, not nerve gas or nukes. The people in possession of these technologies have been pretty wary of sharing them with terrorists, often because they're not sure that they'll be safe from being the target.

People willing to die in a cause, the way suicide bombers have been recently? Sure, it's an increasing trend in international terrorism, but it's hardly new overall. Pick your army of zealots (the original Army of the Mahdi, for example, or the thugee, or the Assassin cult), and you'll find all sorts of people willing to die for a cause.

I take your point, and I think we have seen an evolution to something that's qualitatively different. The transnational terrorist group is not as new a breed of cat as some might think--it's as least as old as the anarchists of the late 19th century. However, it's a kind of enemy that's increasingly occupying our attention.

What frightens us isn't 100% new (zeal to die in a cause, hatred of the United States, ability to infiltrate our society, etc.). And we faced a far greater threat during the Cold War without losing our collective wits. (At least, most of the time.) By pointing out that the hyperbole about terrorists, I'm hoping that whoever reads this might re-think the level of threat. Then, Dear Reader, I hope you also ask the next obvious question: "What, then, is really justified to contain or defeat this threat?"


What, then, is really justified to contain or defeat this threat?

Don Meaker

The aspects of a war like no other includes the following:
1. potential use of WMD or other high gain methods.
2. an enemy which is not tied to any nation state
3. illegal combatants.
4. the ability of a hyperpower to combat multiple supporters of terrorism simultaneously.

Previously high gain methods required the backing of a nation state, and industry. Germany in WWI used illegal methods (submarine warfare) and WMD (gas) but was a nation state. The same is true of the US in WWII.

I submit that the nexis is the new thing. Terrorists in the cold war got substantial help from the Soviet Union, but it was not really an option to invade the USSR to end their support. If China is supporting terrorists who attack the US, as they are supporting genocide in Sudan (not a war for oil, but Genocide for oil)


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