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Jim Gregory

Just found your site.

Thanks for your contribution to collective wisdom. It is good to find citizens dedicated to the notion that we can all still learn together, by application of reason and discourse....rather than "the hard way".

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Blood, Misery, Hunger, Disease, DEATH!!!!!!
That's the really best friends of war, hand by hand, shoulder to shoulder, it's a very sad thing to see, to live, to die for...
The soldiers never think in the kids, in the women, in the old people, they only care about ''winning'' an others cause, they there not by own means, they have no word, no will, just a puppet...
That's my personal way of think, my intention is not to offend anyone, in fact, i feel sorry for the people who had a familiar in that field, God be with you...

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everytime you hear the rolling thunder
You turn around before the lightening strikes
does it ever make you stop and wonder

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Are you buying this about the US Constitution?
"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness."

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Bravo, Kingdaddy! Very good post on Death by PowerPoint. Your essential theme that the deficiencies arise “when used as a replacement for…documents” in the military has an analogue in the investment community: When companies go public, Air Jordan Retro Shoes Basketball Sheos Sale they create a formal document for investors known as an S-1, a highly-detailed tome required and overseen by the Securities and Exchange Commission. But no investor worth his or her salt will make an investment decision based on an S-1 alone. They evaluate potential investments by viewing the principle officers of the offering company in an IPO roadshow. Yes, that roadshow is a PowerPoint presentation, but every CEO and CFO worth his or her salt knows that it is their discussion and analysis of the company that seals the deal. Would that the military could take a lesson from the high stakes world of Wall Street.

However, there are no bravos for the spate of comments on your blog from the detractors who blame PowerPoint for poor communication in the military and everywhere else in the universe.Nike Sb Dunks 2010 That is like blaming the Montblanc pen company for illegibility and illiteracy. Custom Jordan ShoesSorry, but poor presentations are due to user error, not the software.

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In the third, nike jordan retro 1 I think that Wesley Clark’s recent analysis of how America defeated the Soviet Union is on the mark,nike jordan 1 retro and that we will have to continue to push the contradictions on the various parties that are still entranced by the jordan sneakers Marxist fallacies.This requires engagement with Russia and the former Warsaw pact nations to keep Russia on track and to try to minimize backsliding in parts of the old SU. shop nike shoes We need to work China off against North Korea, air force 1 nike and we will at some point need to deal with Castro and his few remaining Western friends. nike sneakers shop

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This requires engagement with Russia and the former Warsaw pact nations to keep Russia on track and to try to minimize backsliding in parts of the old SU nike basketball shoes. shop nike shoes We need to work China off against North Koreanewest air jordans .

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In all likelihood,Women Timberlands the Germans could blow a Air Force

Ones hole through one or more sections of it, in which case Women

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Since the Belgian gap was a hole that already existed in the Maginot Line Wide Women Shoes Kid Kicks.


rmtなどがそうだ。rmt リネージュ2これらMMORPGといわれるオンラインゲームは、リネージュ2 rmt1つのサーバーに数千人のプレイヤーが同時にログインしゲームを行なっている。ここでいうサーバーとは、物理的なサーバーではない。MMORPGでは、rmt とはサーバーやワールドと呼ばれる単位で複数の同じ世界が存在する。アトランティカ RMT3万人が同時に1つのサーバへアクセスすると処理が重くなってしまうrmt aion

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Do they really have to do this? Why won't they just get along?

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thank you for sharing with us, i really like the way you show to us, nice work , keeping it up

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GOOD, IT IS VERY NICE. I LIKE IT.following time I learn a blog, I hope that it doesnt disappoint me as much as this one. I mean, I know it was my choice to learn.

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Now it so happened, that, in spite of Emma's resolution of never marrying, there was something in the name, in the idea, of Mr. Frank Churchill, which always interested her.

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She had frequently thought, -- especially since his father's marriage with Miss Taylor,—that if she were to marry, he was the very person to suit her in age, character, and condition.

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i believe that quality comes first before quantity..though it is needed to have enough numbers of words..

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especially since his father's marriage with Miss Taylor,—..though it is needed to have enough numbers of words..

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i believe that quality comes first before quantity..though it is needed to have enough numbers of words..

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