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Being uruguayan, having lived through the period and having several relatives who were tupamaros I would like to point out that the Tupamaros in fact never engaged in what you describe as terrorism. There was exactly only one instance where they killed an innocent civilian; a rural worker casually discovered one of their main hiding places and training camps, and he was killed. There are simply no other instances of civilian deaths and to say that their methods tried to provoke terror among the population is simply absurd. Although their political strategy of "heightening the system contradictions" may be similar to some terrorist groups, their methods were very different. A "leninist" type insurgency (although very influenced by Guevara's "foquismo") is probably a better description.


I would argue that all three terms you posit (terror, terrorism and terrorist) are products of an effort to invalidate the use of political violence by actors other than states. It is impossible to decouple political violence from politics and lazy uses of the term terror (and its derivatives) inhibit rather than promote debate. Who is a freedom fighter and who is a terrorist? And who decides? These concepts are essentially contested and dependent on perspective.

I challenge the observation that "because a group has used terrorism, they are and forever deserve to be identified as terrorists". Are the USAF to be considered a terrorist organisation for the fire-bombing of Tokyo or the dropping of the A-bombs?

As an irishman, the state I inhabit would not exist were it not for the acts of rebellion. I justify their actions in the context of the asymmetric power relations that existed between the colonial power and the people.


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A war of nothing. Sometimes it gets nonsense.

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