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Drew Conway

You raise an excellent point about Web 2.0. After the OSINT conference over the summer, I thought ODNI was fully embracing all of these great online tools--I guess not.

Thanks for the posting!

Sock Puppet of the Great Satan

"The part of the DoD that screens applicants for these jobs suspects that your online behavior indicates whether you're a security risk."

Actually, no. It's just a *research* contract to investigate whether or not online behaviour is sufficiently different from meatworld behavior that there's a security risk there they haven't considered. I don't think that's unreasonable.

However, I'd think that you're going to be investigated would affect your online behaviour. I have friends with clearances who otherwise would be avid bloggers and users of social network sites who avoid them like the plague, given that they'd signed away all their privacy rights.

Having said that, it's hard for me to see how they could do a decent experimental design on this, given the dynamism of the internet and how rapidly what people are using shifts. But I'd suspect this is more about grayer areas of internet use than MMORPGs: getting some feel for normative use of dating and hookup sites, p_rn, and filesharing.

Sock Puppet of the Great Satan

It's just a research proposal. Suspect it's more about gray areas of internet use, filesharing, dating and hookup sites, and suchlike (damn filters are blocking when I try to post a word beginning with p and ending with 0rn).


Word is that the majority of Warhammer players are on the Destruction side (as opposed to Order). I hope they know that they are risking future security clearances as a result...


Word is that the majority of Warhammer players are on the Destruction side (as opposed to Order). I hope they know that they are risking future security clearances as a result...

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