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Sven Ortmann

Rosen was most likely more a burden than an asset for the Taleban during that time - I wouldn't attribute any advantages for the Taleban except propaganda (which is the same case as with an interview).

I have a feeling that you draw the line based on emotion, not based on help/no help.

You began rational, but then you took a turn to pretty much 'I don't like that!'

And then there's another interesting question: What if Rosen was a South African who happened to write for the magazine? Would that have changed anything? If yes - why?


Interesting perspective, but the important word here seems to be "American", not "journalist". Non-American/British journalists do not seem to exist, for example, and the moral obligations of American/British journalists in wars that don't include American/British soldiers are left unclear.


This posting presents an interesting perspective no doubt. I believe that the war journalists do have some moral obligations.

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