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The current version of her Wikipedia bio indicates she majored in mass communications with a minor in polisci.

It's entirely plausible she passed through a polisci minor without hearing about the Cuban missile crisis because there are many branches of polisci that don't touch on security issues at all. Anyone who remained in the theory, urban affairs, comparative, political economy, or area studies branches of polisci would not have been exposed to the CMC as part of their studies. It only tends to come up in the IR branch and possibly US domestic politics.

None of this makes her any less of an ignorant twit who is far out of her depth, however.

Jim Harrison

There's nothing wrong with majoring in communications so long as you're on the football team. Perrino looks a bit light for a linebacker though.

Phil McCubbin

I learned what the Cuban Missile crisis was in middle school or high school. And I'm 35.


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