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Or Italy -- don't ignore the reality of this.


You won't be shocked, I hope, if I take Finland over Italy for WWII combat performance.


I somehow scored as Poland despite disagreeing with the WW-II era Polish military model nearly 100%. Would someone who scored as either the US or the Soviet Union please come and liberate me?


Strange. I got Finland. Rob got Finland. Jamie Kenny got Finland. Dsquared got Finland. Now Kingdaddy gets Finland.


It's embarrassing, but mine came up Italy: " can always wait for the twists of fortune and eventually join the side that is winning in the conflict." On the other hand, there are sure worse things than, "You love your country but you're actually not much into the war your leaders want you to join in." Hmmmm.... Sounds a lot like being an American in 2006.

No Nym

I also got Finland. My #2 was the partisans of Free France.

Jeremy Leader

Given that the author of the quiz is named "Puukkoo", which sounds somewhat Finish to me, I wouldn't be surprised if there's some bias.

David Tomlin

I got a three-way tie: Finland, Italy, and Poland. I was saddened, but not surprised, that all of them lost.

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